Excerpt from The FB Chat with The Crush from Gradeschool

Him: It’s nice to know you still remember me.
Me: Yea, of course I remember you. I will not be shocked if YOU don’t remember me. Haha.
Him: Haha, I remember my batchmates!
(As if makakalimutan niya ako, eh sobrang pathetic, stalker-ish yung pagkacrush ko sa kanya when we were 12! To a point na pina-recopy ko yung gradpic niya. Mga 3 dozens yata! At major kinaibigan ko yung sister niya. At pinapadaan ko lagi yung driver ni Daddy sa village nila na sobraaaaang layo sa bahay namin.)
Me: Ok, then you do.
Him: Are you married now?
Me: Huwatttt? Hell no.
Him: Significant other?
Me: (puta, I can’t believe we’re having this conversation) Uhhh, the SO and I parted ways for good last month.
Him: I’m sorry to hear that. Are you ok now?
Me: Yep. Swimming in a sea of emotional void. Hehehehe.
Him: You’ll meet the right one sooner that you expect.
Me: Wow, coming from experience? Are you married now?
Him: No, but i’m in love!
Me: (putaputa, lahat na lang in love!) Good for you. (?) Schoolmate natin?
Him: You know I’m secretive.
Me: So, schoolmate nga natin. Hahahahaha. Getting married na?
Him: No. Kelangan ko muna umuwi ng Pilipinas. Hindi ko pa alam sa girl.
Me: So, nasaan ka nga?
Him: 🙂
Me: You’re not in Singapore anymore, right?
Him: Wala na. I’d rather not say.
Me: Ayaw pa sabihin. Don’t worry. Hindi na kita crush. I will not stalk you.
Him: Ha??? That’s not what I meant!!!!! Huuuuyyyy!

Hehehe, I was just trying to push my luck. I know that he won’t tell me because he experienced a reallyreallybad incident here in Pinas almost a decade ago, and he’s limiting his connection with everyone here. I hope he’ll be able to come to terms with his past. He’s such a good guy. buti pa noong gradeschool ako, marunong ako pumili. Hehe. I’m glad I got to talk to him again. : ) I’ll be gladder if I see him next year when he comes home for a visit. 🙂


listening to: Totally Fucked from the Spring Awakening OST

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  1. jade

     /  November 12, 2009

    so cute! you have a picture of him? hehe!


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