Brit’s been hacked!


Say whaaaaaaat ?



Poor Brit! šŸ˜¦ Her hacker prolly is one of those prudes who banned her becauseĀ  of If You Seek Amy. Yes self righteous fucktards, it means F-U-C-K Me. Upped the ante, she’s now doing a three. Deal with it.


listening to: Britney Spears – 3

I’m back, bitches!

Not that I really left.

But I was addicted to Tumblr for some time and I didn’t get to post here as often as waaaaaaay before.

No, wait.

I was continuously posting, but 4 out of 5 entries weren’t really writing.

Thus, the automatic word conjured by my synapses was posting.

So, fine, I’m back to blogging.

I wonder when I will get to write again… Need to get my creative juices going. But how?

a. Fall in love and write mushy stuff again? Putangina. No way. Sapakan na lang o.

b. Read really interesting blogs to turn on the envy mode and get all competitive and shiz like that? Possible, but I’m sane enough to know that I cannot compete with literary demigods.

c. Quit job and stop wasting too much time watching How I Met Your Mother dvds? Fuck no. I love Barney too much. Oh, and I love my work, too. Lol @ 3sec delay.

d. Threaten self with a whack on the head for every week without an awesome post? Pwede. Sige ito na lang.


listening to: David Archuleta – Crush

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