Of Pocket Friendships and Alabang

You know how it is when you’re with a large group of people you all consider friends and you have a smashing good time, but sometimes you have a smashing better time when you are with just a few of them?

That’s what I feel when I’m with Donnie and Eunice aka Herbert and Harlene (do your pinoy showbiz thing). I’m always guaranteed to have my tummy hurt out of excessive laughter each time we hang out, and that is even most of the time, I don’t know what we’re even laughing about! Of course, I love being with them plus Jap and Colleen, but there are just some topics that won’t cut when the group gets bigger.

I was with them last Monday night at TGI Friday’s ATC. It’s a relief to know that I am making¬†shiny, happy¬†memories in Alabang. God knows I avoided Alabang for a long time because I didn’t want to risk seeing someone who used to have the power to make my moods shift– from fantastic to horrible.

Anyhooz, here are some pics from that night:

eunice me donnie

good ol’ chicken fingers (yung honey mustad lang actually ang gusto ko hehe)

the Bautista duo

with the special participation of Edward aka panggulo lang hahaha j/k

Wait. So if they are Herbs and Harlene… who am I? Hero?


listening to: U2 – Elevation

Reunion with LLB

carla and i after 3mos of not seeing each other!

mommy panda and mommy bunny with the baby pandabunnies

Chicken Inasal, Greenbelt 1

November 18


listening to: Lady Gaga – Kaboom

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