Horror in Maguindanao

I did not know the gravity of the massacre that just happened in Maguindanao until I saw this status repost in FB:

“My wife’s private parts were slashed four times, after which they fired a bullet into it. They speared both of her eyes, shot both her breasts, cut off her feet, fired into her mouth. I could not begin to describe the manner by which they treated her.” — Buluan Vice Mayor Esmael Mangudadatu

This is such a horrible, horrible proof that amongst us exist monsters. Monsters that do not have even the slightest of fears to hurt and destroy a life. And in this case, LIVES were destroyed in vain.

May all those responsible for this monstrosity pay with their very own unworthy lives and ripped souls. I pray that God’s justice be delivered swiftly through man’s justice. No space for flaw this time or anytime, Philippines. This I ask with all the hope and faith in my heart.


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  1. This is beyond monstrous. How can (a) human being/s be capable of such diabolical acts???

    Justice, unfortunately, won´t be served because our government is not capable of implementing it. They are contented stuffing their own fucking pockets with the people´s money all the while evading their responsibilities..

    At this time, God is our only hope.

  2. i know, just praying that hope can make the government do the rights things regarding this horrid event.


  3. kiara

     /  November 26, 2009

    those criminals should not be shown even a single shred of mercy. they should all suffer cruel deaths!

  4. A lot of of folks blog about this matter but you wrote down really true words.


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