Birthday Wishlist 2009

(written yesterday, late post :P)

One month to go before Christmas means one month minus five days to go before I turn a year older! Ergo, you have that much time to get me a gift! :p This year, this almost-28-year-old demands desires the following:

1. Statement Tees – long ones, preferably up to my hips

2. Necklaces – long chain, large pendant (no stars, no hearts)

3. Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol – eff you if you send me a .pdf file

4. Board Shorts – throw in a flaming red rashguard if you think I can learn to surf this lifetime. Haha, you prolly don’t, so won’t :p

5. Cute Bed Covers – with equally cute cases for large pillows

6. The Nanny/ Mr. Belvedere DVDs – ask your friendly debede suki to find the complete series

7. 2010 Planner – non-Starbucks, please

8. Embellished Clutch – non-matrona style, chicas!

9. A Boo Doll – been wanting once since I lost my doll, Twinkle… so that makes 5 years! Oh, the never-ending separation anxiety!

10. Knee Length Dresses – which I can wear to work and still be fab in when I go grab dindin in GB after

11. Hella Huge Purse – that I can stuff my essentials into.. you know I’m a girlscout!

12. Jericho Rosales – haha, this is so 3 years ago, but maybe this year will be different… *ahem PSA friends*

13. A Small Unforgettable Celebration – that can get me drunk without passing out, hence– no local beers!

14. Lots of money – so you can relax and let me worry about the shopping. :p

Will post more gift ideas! You know I will! 😉


listening to: Weezer – (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To

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