Sunday in Cuenca

Congratulations to Manila Toffee Company for

being featured in Manila Standard

November 27 article


for selling lots of truffles, toffee and statement aprons in the St James Bazaar (Cuenca Park, Ayala Alabang)

MTC (Carla, Kathlene, Joanna) and friends (Me, Derick and Kassy)


Aside from the MTC goodies, my tummy became happy because of these yummies:

H Cuisine’s angus beef belly with demiglace gravy and sauteed vegetables (P150.00 only! I give it 9 out of 1o! Sort of curbed my desire to eat wagyu. Sort of.)

tad disappointing Takoyaki Balls because there’s no katsuobushi (fish shavings)… good thing the sauce (okonomiyaki?) was delish

our round girl, Kwe hehehe!

Hecky’s Cebu style lechon’s a definite win! Succulent and flavorful! I just wish for better vinegar.

Yoh-gurt Froz + blueberries + butterscotch bits + white chocolate chips = my newest favorite combo 🙂

starless sky and a stellar bazaar (camphone can’t do it justice)

I spent around 1k just on bazaar food alone, but it was worth it.  I must have exhausted my weekly calorie and cholesterol count in one day. :p

Until the next Bazaar!


listening to: Britney Spears – Radar

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  1. teeyah

     /  November 30, 2009

    Congrats for a successful bazaar, Iya! 🙂

  2. tenchu! im so proud of my friends! 🙂

  3. kassy

     /  December 3, 2009

    dami ko na kailangan iupload sa grgs.tumblr! 🙂 Haha

  4. kiara

     /  December 3, 2009

    congrats! we went there last monday but i didnt see you!


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