So December, what do you have?

Yes, yes I know. Ang bilis. December na. Parang nagmamadali uli si God at parang may hinahabol tayo.

Do you feel it? It, being the holiday cheers? I don’t! I already ate almost a dozen bibingkas and albeit it elevated my mood considerably, still no ho-ho-ho joy. Now ho with an e, that’s a different story. Ho with an e? Now, we’re talking.

For the past few, all I ever hear is talks about SEX. One of my best friends called me up just to rant (or rave) about her colleagues talk about the proper way of giving head. A random girl in the elevator was telling her friend about how she’s seriously considering becoming a cougar. WTF? Dahil ba lumalamig na ang simoy ng hangin (or lumalakas lang ang pag-set sa a/c) kaya taglibog na ang mga tao?

For a sec there, I would have called myself a hypocrite. I don’t think my libido cares about the seasons. There’s just (1) cannot be (2) I have to and (3) I need to. All applied to a recent event. Bless hot exes.

Aha! Could it be the full moon’s doing? You tell me. I don’t feel in any way Christmas-ey or horny now.

Hungry, yes. You know, for food. And bibingka is not an option.


listening to: Fall Out Boy – Yule Shoot Your Out

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  1. kiara

     /  December 3, 2009

    me too! im not waiting for christtmas but i just want 2010 to happen already!


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