Tik Tok!

So which came first, TIKTOK or 2012?

I have no idea, but I think both are doing a great job in getting all of us to care about our environment.

Tik tok tik tok. It’s time for climate action!

our friend Paolo and his thought bubble

Let’s Rok it?

Let’s go!


listening to: Taylor Swift – Love Story

My Next Himatay Moment

OMG and ODK! Feeling ko talaga sa concert, ‘pag kinanta na nila ang Mr Brightside, magiging catatonic ako tapos hihimatayin. (Wag naman sana sumuka rin after like one of my friends after seeing her then-crush Sherwin Ordonez. Weh, wtf? Hehe)

I’m so excited!

Universe, after giving me concrete birthday celeb plans, work on my free concert tickets. S.V.I.P.!


listening to: The Killers – Bling (Confessions of a King)

Attack of The Birthday Blues

This is the first time in almost 28 years that I will not be throwing a party to celebrate my birthday. The reasons being:

1 I’d rather use ze moolah for my Dad’s 60th birthday celebration on the 29th. It will be held in the province, so just thinking of the number of guests is enough to make my wallet combust.

2 I’d rather do something charitable, pay-it-forward style. Any suggestions? Please email me iyassantos@gmail.com.

Well,  that and that and it’s just really tiring and sometimes frustrating to organize my birthday. This year, I just want to chill with my beloved few.

No concrete plans yet of how to chill. Believe me, stuff like this cannot be left on fate alone. With Manila traffic getting worse every day, we need to have a plan.

So far, the only thing sure is I want to have a salubong. I don’t even know what color to wear this year! I always wear red, except for one year that I wore green because it’s such a pretty tube top. And one year that I wore black, a sign to the barkada that I am no longer a baby. And last year when I wore white, because I was feeling virginal. LOL.

One of my boybuds said one of my boys (plural? kahit yata singular, wala eh haha) might do something special to wow me on my special day. Sana ‘wag. I have zero plans to invite any of my crushes or exes. Based on historicals, I always do something stupid each time an s.o. is present in my birthday. The moststupid-est of all was on my 26th with all incriminating photos and videos to remind me.


Fifteen days to go before I turn less young. By the time I turn 28, I’m already an old woman.

Universe, give me a sureball birthday plan ASAP!


listening to: Ja Rule – Always On Time

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