Echo, WRU?

I love my friends and I support them in their endeavours. Most of the friends I am frequently with are surfers, and so I go with them to surfspots and attend surf activities (with all my poser terms and moves) every chance I get. Last night, however, I shamelessly admit, I went to Handlebar not primarily to cheer for Ejay, Lor and Jef for winning in the recently concluded Zambapalooza. I attended the MSA party in the hopes that I will see Jericho Rosales.

So sue me. Eh sa gusto ko magpapicture with him eh.

Anyhoodles, Echo-frustration and babyscare aside, I enjoyed the night! Yaaay for my superlarge bacon and egg sandwich and salad and fries! Double Yaaay for the music of Tempestous Jones. Triple Yaaay for seeing a longlost college friend, Sharon Sager! And loads of love to Joko, Kwe, Kas, Ejay, Mio, James, Lor, Paolo, Jef and Nicole!

Me, Joko, Jef, Paolo, Ejay, Kassy and Joren

Dear Tito Pare Pao, nasaan na si Echo? Nasaan na??? xoxo Tunnel Master Iya

With my girls and The Paolo Soler of PSA hehe (kelan kaya si The Jericho ang kasama sa pic? :P)

Oh well, tara na, TUNNEL na tayo!


listening to: Blondie – One Way or Another

Go Greek!

After an exhausting Christmas shopping last Tuesday night, I decided to Go Greek!

Go Greek is a new addition to Glorietta’s Food Choices. It was recommended by one of my colleagues when we had a convo about my love for Cyma.

click image to enlarge and view their menu

lamb kebab + side salad + potatoes + sauces

I can see myself going back to Go Greek to try their other dishes (like the classic moussaka and seafood kebab) and for the garlic-yogurt and tomato based sauces. The kebab was so-so flavorwise, my teeth had a difficult time chewing the meat. The salad was fresh and the dressing was good with it, though I found it a little too sweet. The potatoes were good, almost like Cyma’s. 🙂

I can see myself going back there if I want a quick Greek fix and while my wallet still has not recevered from holiday shopping.


listening to: Mariah Carey – Obsessed

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