Nudity will be big this 2010.

That is, according to Vogue U.K.

The big story for summer though, is nudity – the vast majority of shows opened with nude, ice-cream colours, making cut and drapery the big style statements as opposed to eye-popping colours. Where last summer we obsessed about colour blocking, next will be about subtleties of tone: nude with peach with washed out nutmeg, or grey with icy blue. A general lack of clothing will be approved of too – your underwear must look its best next summer because if it’s not on show it’s not worth wearing – only to be covered by swathes of knotted and ruffled sheer chiffon – and a touch of lace will keep things interesting (Stella McCartney, Fendi).

The other in-things this new year according to the article are sparkle, white, party dresses, and jumpsuits. I take it, it’s just like a continuation of 2009 fashion. But I implore the gods of fad and craze to┬ásmite down the hideous gladiator sandals. May they never go back in style.

And clogs, too!


Wait. Nudity?



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