Baptism, Mojos, Holmes and Burgers

After 36++ hours of being sick and paranoid, I was rewarded with a fantastic Sunday with the girlfriends.

We first went to St Andrew the Apostle Parish in Bel-Air for Caitlin’s baptism. Finally got to see my inaanak. I’m still afraid to hold her because she looks so tiny and fragile that I might accidentally crush her.

Mike, Carla, Caitlin and the ninangs πŸ™‚

Shakey’s jupiter for the reception where the anacondas in my tummy writhed in delight (pakk, parang nakakatakot yun ha hehe) because of the mojos, pizza, pasta and chicken. I just had a hard time resisting drinking Coke. I couldn’t drink anything cold now because of my laryngitis. Hence, smoking is also a no-no now. Anyhooz, instead of smoking, I just laughed and clapped (by shaking my hands like an idiot, kasi wala ako voice) from the tons of jokes over merienda.

(= Kwe . Miki . Kassy . Joko . Iya . Carla =)

This really cracked me up:

Joko: Ako si Miley Cyrus. Si Iya si–
Me: Taylor Swift
Joko: Ikaw LL, sino ka? Demi Lovato?
Carla: Ayoko dun!!!
Joko: Ok, do you want to be Vanessa Hudgens or Ashley Tisdale?
Carla: Vanessa Hudgens!
Me: Errr… in ferla, sa kanya si Zac Efron.
Joko: Ikaw Kassy sino ka?
Kassy: Selena Gomez.
Miki: How about me?
Joko: You can be Camilla Belle?
Carla and Me: Potah. Sino yun?
Joko: *googles* Here she is o. Maganda ‘yan!
Miki: Yeah she is! Ok, I’ll be Camilla Belle.
Kwe: *jumps up and down* How about me??? Sino ako???
Joko: Ikaw si Erich.
Kwe: Huh? Sino ‘yun?
Joko: Erich Gonzales ng Katorse.

Lol. We love you, baby bunny Kwe! Even if sobrang alaskado ka na naman kahapon especially about your alias Florahbhel. :p

Entertainment continued at R.O.X. where we looked for surfboards. Correction, Kassy and Joko checked our boards, Kwe played with the indoboard and nonsporty chicks Miki and moi sniffed at least 10 kinds of soaps and body butter. Banana milk, anyone?

After which, we went to see Holmes. The movie’s absolutely terrific! Gusto ko ulit panoorin! Hell, I’d even wait and buy an original dvd! Blueray!!! I love Ironman! I love Alfie! And errrr… I love girlfromTheNotebook, Rachel McAdams :p She is my girlcrush. Only, she’s not blonde in this film. Oh well, lovelove her role as Adler. Can’t wait to see the sequel! πŸ™‚

newest addition to my favorite movies

Last stop, Brother’s Burger. God, I love burgers. And large fries. And insane friends. And not smoking not only because I’m sick.Β  And not throwing a fit if I can’t drink Coke.

Oooh, and I love this photo of me by Miki. She’s awesome. Like me. Hehe.

Kung si Kwe, Katorse... Ako, Bente-Ocho.

See? Happy Sunday! I’m still sick but with all the happyvibes I got from yesterday, I can manage. πŸ™‚


listening to: Geri Haliwell – Circles Round The Moon

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  1. nick

     /  January 12, 2010

    pretty ladies who like holmes! thats something!

  2. … and MARIBELLS!!! πŸ™‚

    missed you. coNGRAtulations for no coke and yosi!

  3. jokoness

     /  January 12, 2010

    You should define “maribells” dude in your blog.
    And let’s get that in the urban dictionary

  4. I, too, liked the movie Sherlock Holmes. Hope the orig DVD copy will come out soon! πŸ˜€

  5. @ nick…. thanks! something talaga! :p

    @ kassy…. errrr… thanks? fyi, im not quitting!

    @ HM…. haha, sige, though there’s still a part of me getting guilty because i have a cousin named maribel. :p

    @ b’ley…. true! buy tayo agad!

  6. i love hanging out with you guys and laughing myself silly!

    “that’s so maribells!”


  7. tinaytinapay

     /  January 13, 2010

    another kid to call you “ninang” on christmas day. hahaha!

  8. love Holmes too.. well i think it’s most probably because of eye-candy Jude Law.. hehe..

  9. RDJ- Sooo hawt. Next Must see movie: Valentines Day. Ang landi ni Taylor Swift dun…love her!

  10. @miki – joko put maribells na in urbandictionary methinks!

    @tinay – nako. basta im a ninang NOT santa claus. :p

    @kay – yes! kahit na receding hairline yung character nya dun!

    @bonnie – right! mukha syang the cheercaptain and not on the bleachers doon!


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