Happiest Place On Earth

Normally, from Monday to Friday, I am in the happiest place on earth…


Hahaha. Ok, that is an exaggeration! It’s most def not the happiest place, but still, there is joy to be found each time I am in the office. No bs when I say our last year’s campaign I LOVE THIS TEAM! 🙂 I shall devote a separate entry for my reasons why.

Anyhooz, here’s a picture of some of our team from the behind the scenes photo opp for our Manila Bulletin ad.

Gaaaah. First job fair this year on Monday. Then 2 more for this month. Busy busy!

Glorietta MUST be the happiest place on earth on Monday then.



listening to: Joe – I Wanna Know

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  1. saintbarry

     /  January 13, 2010

    I’ll take your word for it. Mukhang happy talaga ang team mo 😉

  2. Good Luck! Job Fair, Best BOoTH!! 🙂

  3. sana best booth and loads of qualified applicants!

  4. that’s nice. napakalaking blessing na masaya ka sa trabaho mo.

    yung iba kasi, nag eexist lang sa work because of the pay out.

  5. naks naman! go eper. hehe

  6. siyetehan: may days ren na pay-out lang nakakapagpamotivate sa akin . haha pero rare lang yun. :p uy dumaan ako sa blog mo! cute ni baby meg! 🙂

    NYL: hahaha naku, jobfair na. hehehehe si g-lo sana ok pa after nito. :p

  7. hey, iya, thanks for dropping by. and for the nice comment pala 😀

  8. wow! it’s nice to know you love your job! you are one lucky person!


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