Retouch using…

a compact with lights! Useful and attention grabbing. Ahlavet!

All of us vain chicas should have this.


listening to: Rihanna – Cry

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  1. At san naman to?? =D gusto ko sya 😉 perfect for job fair moments.

  2. this is awesom! kahit sa loob ng moviehouse pwede mag retouch! he! he!

  3. huhuhuhu, i want one… sa friend ko yan eh. bigay sa kanya ng sis nya sa thailand. 😦

  4. I almost died!! Hahah isn’t that from Rimmel? Or I’m not sure I have a lipgloss I got from eBay – it has its own strobe light! Will show you soon! HEheheheh so love love! 🙂

  5. please show!

    kaso lang baka ako mag-die sa envy! :p

  6. grabe tuwang tuwa tayo dyan, no? awesome eh. Hah!


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