No U-Turn…


After a shitload of recruitment stuff at Cybergate 3, we were picked up by our company van. On our way back to Makati, talking about how the job fair went, Kuya Albert Patrick, Mommy Lee and I didn’t notice the sign of all signs in Pioneer St, so before we knew it, Traffic Enforcer J.D. Delos Santos was already getting Kuya Albert’s license. After careful explanation, the good sir decided to let us go without taking our company driver’s license. We weren’t at all familiar with the area and we were sincerely sorry for not seeing the no u-turn sign. We know that the officer was just doing his duty and that he didn’t want any accidents happening on his turf, because apparently, a minimum of 2 accidents happen there per week. We also know that ignorance is not an excuse, thus I am blogging this to let you all know that there is an ABSOLUTELY NO U-TURN SIGN in Pioneer St. The sign is there at a gas station with a very weird name. (Name to follow, sorry, lost na utak ko sa mga pangyayari.) And I am blogging this to give my kudos to Traffic Enforcer J.D. Delos Santos for doing his job well and for not asking or even implying kotong.

This is me (with my Coke float) and the good sir…

If you see him, give him a high-five for me! And tell him that he can text or call me if he has any referrals for the CSR post. :p

And of course, here’s the sign to watch out for:

So there, Mandaluyong residents and visitors, learn from this!!! No U-TURN ABSOFUCKINLUTELY!!!


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  1. Absolutely right!!!!
    Absolutely agree!!!
    Absolute……. Drinking water…. Hehhehehe…..
    Very well said Iya, better to obey traffic signs than regret later when an innocent life is wasted….

  2. Carol Mendez

     /  February 4, 2010

    hahahaha what a road adventure! in fairness, mukhang mabait naman si traffic enforcer! galing mo girl!

  3. alam ko yan! haha yung gas station yung pang sitak diba? manila lpg or something. haha

    madami talaga nakikiu-turn diyan. pasimple lang. may daan naman sa likod. dun din labas mo.


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