Of Cubao-X, Cheap Margarita, Jabbawockeez, Eggs, Neon Pink Dragonflies and The Ideal Man

The word hectic was redefined last week as penge-ng-blade-maglalaslas-na-lang-ako. Thank G it’s already over. And thank God there were more fantastic experiences than the shitty ones!

I got to hang out with Joko and Van in the office, because I invited them to our special company event.

Joko and I went to Cubao-X to get a bag for her surfboard (Britney) but we didn’t get to eat/drink at Mogwai’s because it was jampacked. Bleh. Didn’t get to go to Central BBQ Makati either, because CJ said something about a kilometric queue.

Got to try the cafe in front of Saguijo. Guiza. real good cheap blue margarita. Only 70php. Their sisig’s pretty good, too. It’s the liver. Hmmmm… 🙂 Ang sagwa ng combination ko, but oh well! :p

Saturday! Our team went to McKinley for Musicfest 2010. I was lucky enough to join my bosses in the meet and greet with JabbaWockeeZ. And bless the company I work for for being a major sponsor. VIP, baby!

Yaaaay for afterconcert lamon at Andok’s c/o Boss V. Litson manok + sinigang = makasalanang midnight snack pero dedz na.

I didn’t set my alarm but I woke up just in time to join my friends for the Tagaytay trip.

First stop, Heaven & Eggs Glorietta. Brunch c/o Joko. Her first lagay so that Carla and I won’t get the BuzzZZzzZZZzzzz when she starts talking about her crushie. errr… her LIKEY pala.

Finally got to go to Banio Kreek Farms. Ang ganda ganda ganda ganda ganda!!!!!!!!!! I must have done something right kaya dinala na ako ng universe doon! Yay! Miki and I went down to the stream (fine, creek pala) and I saw dragonflies with bluegreen and neonpink bodies. I also saw a cat with eyes of different colors, left’s green… right’s blue. Nope, I wasn’t high when I saw those! :`(

Carlo’s Pizza Mile-Hi after for ze alcohol fix. their nacho supreme is now my ultimate favorite nachos! Thanks, Benjie for the discount!

So Carla, Joko, Kassy, Miki and I (Kwe supot! Wala! No Show!) had a mini-retreat again. Harhar. I semisorta can’t believe that they think A___, or at least, the likes of him is the ideal guy for me. Why did I let him slip away? :p

Well, I also let the neonpink dragonfly slip away…

Ponder that.

Pictures to follow. Watch out for my attempt to pull-off a modern day Snow white. My dwarves are Prancer, Vixen, Dopey, Sleepy, Slutty, Bitchy and Horny.


I promise, I swear I wasn’t high when I saw those!!! Disregard the tell tale signs! LOL.


listening to: Ke$ha – Your Love is My Drug

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  1. glad that you liked Banio Kreek FArms, dude, bring your parents one time!

  2. also, buzz! haha!

  3. talagang snow white? sure kang di ka high nun? haha

  4. parang parang parang kaw ung one of those Princess na may red headband! (my annoying arte pa-baby voice)

    and… am I sleepy dwarf?

    OVERNIGHT at BK!! 🙂 promise I wont be sleeping as much. pagod talaga eh. :s hihihi and miki’s med was drowsing! whew. plakda tulog ako sa van.

    sorry! but presence is better than not being there AHHAHAHA (joke lang kwe!)

  5. gerry

     /  March 21, 2010

    hi, i am one of the owners of guzia cafe. thanks for the good feedback for the sisig and blue margarita :). well appreciated. thanks again 🙂

    • just waiting to be back will blog about the other cocktails. 🙂 oh, and welcome! sarap naman kasi talaga! 🙂


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