Heaven & Eggs

Went to Heaven & Eggs Glorietta before the Tagaytay road trip because Joko wanted breakfast.

Joko: I want Breakfast.
Carla and Iya: *quiet*
Joko: Sige na samahan niyo ako!
Carla: Treat mo?
Joko: Mmmmm…
Iya: Iba-bribe mo ba kami ng breakfast para makinig sa kwento mo about your crushie likey?
Carla: Ano ba? Treat mo?
Joko: Oo na!
Carla: Yun naman pala eh!
Iya: pero we still need to take alcohol later before you make kwento about…
Carla: Treat mo rin alcohol?

Brunch Buffet

Thanks to Joko for Brunch!

Carbs and Sugar!

Happy Hungry Me!

Panna Cotta & Bread Pudding

Toblerone Shots

Rockin' Heaven & Eggs

Girls of GRGS (don't ask what it means) minus Kwe

Kahit hindi ako masyadong gutom, napakain ako ng marami. Ang sarap sa Heaven & Eggs! Doble sarap, kasi libre. Hehehe.

Thanks, Joko!

*Photos from Carla Viloria-Manaloto except the last one


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  1. Sarap ng libre

  2. Sarap ng libre

  3. i love breakfast buffets! nagutom ako sa pictures atche!

  4. my family and i are fans of this restaurant. we kind of miss the old decors though!


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