BJ and MJ

This is my friend (?) Richard aka BJ or Blow (bwahaha) and one of my bestest friends Joanna aka Manong Joko hence MJ. 🙂

This was taken from the night of what-might-have-been and what-could-never-be– which is why it’s absolutely unclear to me why I get an ear-to-ear smile each time I look at this.




listening to: Puck from Glee – Sweet Caroline

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  1. cel

     /  March 5, 2010

    maybe you’re happy because your guy is friends with your bestfriend?

    i’ll be happy if my boyfriend were also friends with my besty. 🙂

  2. hello!

    he’s not my boyfriend. 🙂 pero sobrang natuwa nga ako na laughtrip sila magkasama ng bestfriend ko, kahit na half of the time eh inapi nila ako. :p

  3. haha, i’m waiting for what iya will say to cel’s last statement. haha!

  4. we did not api you, not at all!


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