Avoiding The Irrelevant

I had no new dvd (debede for the pro-piracy bunch) to watch the other night that I convinced myself to watch John Lloyd and Bea’s hit movie from 2 years back, One More Chance. I thought, the movie won’t have the power to reduce me to a pathetic pool of tears since I have already moved on. You see, I avoided watching this because during the time it was shown, I was involved in a similar situation. Situation being, boy and girl are in love- boy and girl break up- enter the othergirl- othergirl and boy sort of fall in love- boy and girl sees each other again- boy and girl gets back together- buhbye othergirl. Typical bs. I remember countless friends telling me to watch One More Chance. I had one reply to all of them, “Kung si Maja ang makakatuluyan ni John Lloyd, manonood ako. Eh hindi, di’ba? Kaya bakit ako mag-aaksaya ng pera para sa pelikula na ipapamukha lang sa akin na hindi sa akin mapupunta ‘yung lalake?” Only, that night with the lack of dvd choices, I looked at an 8-in-1 Tagalog Movie Collection (which I bought for Let The Love Begin… don’t ask) and I proved to myself that I am strong enough to see John Lloyd leaving Maja.

Only, it was Maja who left John Lloyd. Only, the movie has no similarity to my past situation whatsoever. In the movie, Maja is the new girl. In my life, I was the othergirl. Tsk tsk. Two years of avoiding the irrelevant. Note to self: never trust a Filipino movie trailer even if it has the line “She loved me at my worst. You had me at my best.” Anyhooz, I did like the movie. Hands down, John Lloyd is one of the best in the industry. Probably, next to Jericho, in my book. :p It’s overrated. It’s not an 11 out of 10… more of a 7 1/2. I don’t mind watching it again. If only to watch the part where Bea says, “Sana ako na lang… sana ako na lang ulit…” Another irrelevant line in my life, but so what, I’m a closet hopeless romantic just like that.

* Sorry, I kept on using the actors real names. John Lloyd is Popoy. Bea is Basha. Maja is Trish. John Lloyd did not leave Maja in real life and vice versa– that is, to my knowledge. 🙂


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It’s frustrating not to get to blog the stuff that’s been happening because:

I promised that I’ll blog more often. And God knows I hate breaking promises.
I need an outlet. Something not detrimental to the health like chain smoking or binge drinking.
I love blogging and I feel my creative juices runeth dry. No thanks to El Niño.

I type the things I wanna say, only to hit the backspace button repeatedly until my index finger goes numb.


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