Smack that!

Grabbed this image from my cousin’s tumblr account.

As expected, Clottey bagged that sorry space.  Today’s fight was a very boring fight. It’s a wonder why it even reached Round 12. And no K.O.? Anlabo, but oh well, can’t judge. I don’t understand boxing. Basta sapak lang ng sapak. Yaaaaay for Pacman’s FPJ move!

Congratulations, Manny! I still not a fan, but I really am impressed with how you can unite Pinoys all over the world because of your amazing talent.

Joshua Clottey, better luck next time. You really look like Akon. And for that, naSMACK THAT ka tuloy ni Pacman.


listening to: Akon – Smack That

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  1. Hahahahah! You know, I don’t even watch Manny’s fights anymore because it’s very predictable – he always wins in the end. Akon look alike nga si Clottey…hahahaha! My god, panalo na naman si Manny. Mayaman na naman si kresta and jenkee! haha.

  2. oo nga noh! hawig nya si Akon. But you know what, i got bored with the fight. Sobrang nagsasayaw lang ata sila ng chacha…

    Plus he head butted pac-man… not cool…

    not a big fan of boxing but man, thats simply just not cool…

  3. ngayon lang nagkakaaway si pacquiao na mas pangit sa kanya. lol

    • hahahahah ang harsh! uy di naman panget si clottey. hardcore itim lang. :p

    • dimaks

       /  March 18, 2010

      lol natawa talaga ako dito.

      sana kumanta na lang si AKON, este Clottey, showdown sila ni Pacman sa karaoke.

  1. Iya

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