Choutte alors!

After singing Lady Marmalade and stressing the infamous line Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir), you might want to add some foreign flair to your lovemaking/sexytime/churchur using these phrases:

How come I did not learn these phrases when I took up French back in college? I’m one sad former Catholic schoolgirl.

And wait. Did I read right? Easy tiger? Vas-y mollo?

Hahaha! Oooh la la!


Ate L**, you might find this useful– just in case you get involved with a sloppy, yet superhot French dude. :p


listening to: All Saints – Lady Marmalade

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  1. nico

     /  March 15, 2010

    hahaha iya sira ulo ka talaga =p

  2. Hahaha! sige, i’ll look for another french dude to practice this with. LOL! =p

  3. nico: i know! errr, thanks? hehe

    ate len: haha sige update mo ako ha! :p

  4. omfg san galing to? haha saya!

  5. What? I don’t remember learning those from French in college too! BTW, I think French is the most romantic language in the world. I loooove it! Embrasse-moi! Ahhh, I just love saying that! 🙂

  6. genius!! ❤ I love it! hahahaha!

  7. hahaha. funny. i was into french for my blog entry kagabi. pero hindi ganito. magamit nga minsan yung easy tiger! lmao.

  8. haha! Sarap sabihin at pakinggan, so sexy! I think I should learn French!?

  9. jokoness

     /  March 23, 2010

    engeng hardcopy!
    also my favorite is Naret pa! 🙂 haha! very me!

  1. Iya

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