IN: Competitors / OUT: Friends

Ram of Sykes, Iglia of Startek

Taken earlier outside Megatrade Hall

We may be “enemies” in the job fair but we are definitely buddies outside— especially during yosi break! Hehehe!

That’s Ram from Sykes, Iglia from StarTek, ME from ePerformax, Makoi from Teletech and Chris from IBM.

Here’s another one with Terry.

Ram, Terry, Iglia, Makoi, Chris =)

See you next jf, guys!Give me all your qualified applicants! =p


listening to: John Mayer – Clarity

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  1. sushal mo talaga, iya!

  2. what a fun picture. =)

  3. ang kulit. 🙂

  4. nyl: yes. i’m a very sociable (sushabol?) girl!

    misha: funfun, yes! lalo na, im the rose among the thorns! (haha, feelingera)

    patty: haha sana kasama rin yung ibang recruiters from otehr centers para mas makulit! :p

  5. Hahaha! That’s pretty awesome, that all of you are friends, even if you are from different companies. Did you know each other beforehand? :p


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