Saturday Night with The NFF

The original plan was to go to Alabang/BF Pque to see my friends (bene and grgs) but because I stayed until 8pm in the office, I decided it’ll just be a waste of time to go to the South considering the southbound traffic and the early Nat-Geo run of my friends the following day. So, I just decided to be boring and go home to watch my newly purchased debedes.

A new friend, G, invited me to join him and his friends to hang out at his pad, but because I was tired and not really that interested to be with people I don’t know. I said I’d just stay home and watch a movie. He said they’re going to watch Date Night, and because it’s the only movie I looked for in my suking pirated debede shop that I did not find, I dragged my ass off the house and went over to G’s.

@ Azotea de Bel-Air

When I arrived at his place, what greeted me was… videoke! Wheee! My decision to go there was correct! Hehehe! Contrary to his expectation, I did not choose a Madonna song, like I did last week when we were with my colleagues. I chose Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen. Better if Wow Magic Sing has the Michael Buble version. I had fun with G and Ate Claire and the rest of the church friends, too bad they had to leave early. Or too bad I arrived late.

We didn’t get to watch Date Night because the copy was fugly– karma to the pirated dvd patrons. :p Since I didn’t care much for the other dvds there, we ended up watching cartoons, like Shaun The Sheep and just talking about stuff.

I like the stupid looking pig more than the skinny sheep!

G fixing a peanutbutter and jelly and cheese treat!

Steady Saturday. Maybe steadier than my taste, but it sure did beat staying home. 🙂


listening to John Mayer – My Stupid Mouth

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  1. alicia

     /  April 19, 2010

    i dont know whos cuter! your friend or shaun the sheep! *teehee*

    im craving for a pb&j because of this!!!


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