Come in hungry. Walk out happy.

I was intrigued by this burger-burrito joint when I saw an ex become a fan of it in Facebook. Odd name, I thought, sort of reminded me of the (in)famous Ninja Burger with the tagline: Ninja Burger bring happy life, healthy life. Guaranteed, or we commit seppuku.

AnywayJoko and I had dinner in Army Navy and here are some of the food we had.

Vegetable Burrito with salsa and lime
Yummy! Like Joko said, “You wouldn’t miss meat.”

Freedom Fries
Winner! Think Twister Fries gone crunchy!

Classic Burger with extra cheese
Delicious, but I’ve tasted better. Yaaay for the juicy pattie. No yay for the close to nil smoky factor. :\ Eh bakit ba, gusto ko ng carcinogens.

Strawberry Milkshake
A little more than ok. Check for the just-right sweetness aka hindi ako na-uta. X for the superpale color. Sorry, visual eater ako. Ano daw? Hehe.

Really good frothy iced tea. Tastes like the real thing. Joko said. Whatever that means. :p

Other blog-worthy (says me, of course) of Army Navy…

Oooh… metal. Lots of metal.

Signs. Pretty. Joko in her naaaliw/nagpapacute/distracted mode.

Me, having a mouthful… of meat. Errr… burger.

I agree. Mission accomplished.

Need to go back there and deal with the Bully Boy Burger with triple quarter-pound beef patties. I am not to be bullied by anyone! Or anything!!!!




Army Navy, Dela Rosa
Retail Space 1B, Dela Rosa Tower 1, Solaris Bldg. Dela Rosa
Makati City
(02) 836-3333


listening to: Rihanna – Rude Boy

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  1. leslie

     /  May 7, 2010

    i think i want their fries if its like how you described it!

  2. Now I’M hungry! The fries look delish! :p

  3. next round, take me!!

  4. My friends already told me about this place. I think I’ve to visit this one of these days. Kaso sayang effort ko sa pagsa-cycling! Haha!

  5. ai

     /  May 10, 2010

    I already tried beef burrito and iced tea! yummy.. i will go back to try burger

  6. ang tagal ko ng naririnig to kaya lang di ko alam kung saan. asa dela rosa lang pala.

  7. @leslie and slaveboi go get! masarap!

    @kassy yeahhh! dami pa dapat i-try from the menu

    @dyosa hahaha cycling ka muna ng 12hours straight tapos go ka dito. :p

    @ai ako naman gusto ko ma-try ang meat burritos! 🙂

    @bonnie meron din sa glorietta 5 🙂

  8. jokoness

     /  May 18, 2010

    the fries were delish, i wanted to taste the fried pickles/cucumbers!!!! that would have been wowza!
    I actually want a vegetarian burrito right now. haha!


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