Heat and Headache

I woke up with a blasted headache. I don’t know if this is because I ate too many Oreos at G’s place or drank beer last night at Handlebar (great show by Kjwan, btw) or because I slept with my hair still damp from the mandatory midnight shower.

The moment I stepped out of the house, I felt my scalp getting burned by the sun. Seriously, Haring Araw, what the hell is your problem? We get it. You’re a colossal cosmic god. You have nothing more to prove. Please don’t give me another heatstroke.

As I walked to Dian corner Finlandia to get a cab, I saw a newspaper with the headline: INC Endorses Noynoy-Mar Tandem. I am utterly disappointed appalled. I have not talked to one INC member that is for Noynoy, and mind you I already talked to a lot. It sucks that they would have to sacrifice their personal preference to vote the candidates their church dictates. Former candidates INC supported? Ferdinand Marcos, Joseph Estrada and Gloria Arroyo. Hmmm… I see a common denominator. Do you?



listening to: a stupid bossa version of Telephone… tangina ang init na ng ulo ko

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  1. ok lang di naman lahat ng inendorse ng INC magiging presidente. Wag kang mawalan ng pagasang matalino parin ang pilipino.

  2. jokoness

     /  May 6, 2010

    have you listened to the leaked demo version of Telephone by britbrit?
    Gaga made the song for britbrit but she passed it over, which is good, dahil mas bagay kay gaga! 🙂

    headaches suck. i walked/drived dazed for about an hour kanina.

    i’m back!

  3. Tricia

     /  May 6, 2010

    I swear the heat is excruciating! You can toast a bread just by leaving it outside. Hehehe.. Well, I hope you feel better now 🙂

    • nako. amoy lola na nga ako kanina sa sandamakmak na nilagay kong whiteflower. at kulang ma-OD ako ng advil. hehehe.

      thanks trish! 🙂


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