Thoughts on Election 2010

Before I proceed to sharing my thoughts on the 2010 Election, I would just like to show proof that I have the right to rave and more importantly, rant.

You see, I believe that I have all the reasons to rant because 1- I am a Filipino (check my birthcert); 2- I pay my taxes religiously (check my payslip); 3- I exercise my right to suffrage (check picture below); 4- I am a law-abiding citizen (call NBI or PNP to verify) and 5- I genuinely care about what’s happening and what’s going to happen to our country (hence, this entry).

proof of #3

Ok. Thoughts of dismay and frustration.

My Precinct and The Stupid Lady Volunteer

That’s right. It’s spelled PRECINCT not PRECINT.

Moving on…

I am registered in Muntinlupa at the Tunasan Elementary School Precinct 365 A. Punyeta. Matao. Mainit. Jejemon Republic. Walang sistema. I blame my Dad for having been registered there. We only lived in Muntinlupa for a year, but his factory was there for almost 20 years, so there. Ang labo, di’ba? I blame myself for not transferring to Makati or Bataan. Good thing, Alabang has a huge space in my heart because of my Alma Mater. (Bene! Bene! Bene Bulok! Lambing lang ‘yan.)

It took me 2 1/2 hours to vote. It would have been longer if I didn’t tell a BEI, “Pwede po bang mauna na? May sakit po ako eh gusto ko lang talagang bumoto. Ikinakabinat ko po ‘yung natutuyuan na ako ng pawis sa sobrang init dito.” Yes, I was sick yesterday, the carbocisteine, ascorbic acid, paracetamol and amoxicillin behind my dirty (index) finger explained.

Most Filipinos gave praises to the teachers and volunteers for their roles in the elections. I’m sure a lot of them deserve the nice words. I love and respect teachers because they’re profession is noble, indeed and because of the bias that I used to be a teacher myself. Most of the teachers and pollwatchers in my precinct don’t deserve the words of esteem though. I fukken hate their guts. Just because they were “in charge” of that damn precinct did not give them the right to shout and point fingers at us because we were at the “wrong” line. Bunch of idiots. If they gave us clear instructions, then there would have been no “wrong” line.

My Convo with a Volunteer

Me: Miss, saan po ba talaga ang linya?
Stupid Lady: Mali yung nasa kaliwa. Dapat sa harap ng pinto lang ang pila.
Me: Ganon po ba? I-announce niyo po sana para hindi masayang ang pila nung mga tao. Nakapila lang naman sila diyan kasi hindi nila alam kung saan ang dapat.
Stupid Lady: Pasaway lang talaga sila.
Me: Nandun ako sa maling pila kanina. Lumipat lang ako dito sa harap ng pinto 10 minutes ago. So, pasaway ako? Sige na miss. Sabihan mo sila.
Stupid Lady: Alam mo miss, masakit na lalamunan ko. Kung ikaw man ang nasa katayuan ko, hindi mo rin kakayanin yang dami ng taong yan.
Me: Miss, may laryngitis ako ngayon at nag-e-effort ako na kausapin ka. Tama ka. Hindi ko kakayanin ‘yan sa sitwasyon ko. Pero hindi ko obligasyon ‘yan. Obligasyon mo.
Stupid Lady: Bahala ka na kung ano gusto mong isipin!
Me: Ang iniisip ko, sana hindi ka na lang nagvolunteer. Wala kang kwenta. (Panget!!!! Jejemon!!!!)

Ending? I asked a nice lady beside me in the queue to help me tell the others where the right queue was. Good thing the nice lady had a voice louder than me. Hehe. The stupid lady didn’t go near us again for the rest of the time I was there.


Ang Bilog na Hugis Itlog and The PCOS Machine

I waited 2hours and 15minutes to do a 15minute task. I spent around 12minutes filling out my ballot and making sure that the shading was perfect. Damn Sexbomb song played involuntarily in my head. The long time spent lined up had a sole purpose. It made me decide who I will vote for president. Clue: I chose the candidate who I think can deal with international relations best. I was already decided on my VP bet right after the Tears for Fears concert. Clue: Makati loves him and he is not Mar Roxas. Mar was my 2nd choice though. There was something about Korina’s L sign in the concert that inexplicably made me lose interest, which was weird because I also like Korina. Hmmm…

The senators whose mga bilog na hugis itlog (arrrrghhh) I shaded: Cayetano, Defensor Santiago, Roco, Tamano, Remulla, Sotto, Lacson, Enrile, Biazon, Marcos, Drilon and Biazon.

I voted almost straight Team San Pedro. I chose a candidate for city council from the other party because according to the nice lady beside me in the queue, that candidate gives our free pustiso and other dental services. Mwehehe. :p

Three minutes were spent waiting and finally putting my ballot in the PCOS machine. It’s like a black, giant photocopier/trash compactor. I almost fainted waiting for it to flash “Congratulations! Your vote has been registered.”

Had I known earlier that  the PCOS machine has a Twitter account, then I would have had a picture taken with it. Hahaha, follow PCOS on Twitter. @PCOSmachine

Sample 1
@PCOSmachine what does PCOS stand for?
@randomPCOSmachinefollower Google is your friend.


Homer and Apu
I used to be anti-Noynoy, but since I prayed for God to give us the leader that can be the best vessel for His will to be executed and Noynoy already has 13M votes. I am going to pray some more and ask God to give him the wisdom and the strength to be an effective leader. FYI, I am still not pro-Noynoy but I am pro-Philippines, so I have to be wise enough to do my part in the much needed democracy by default. Noynoy, you better be worth my cooperation.

Waaaaiiiiiiitttt…. And didn’t your sister say that she will leave the country if you become president? I’m so looking forward to it.


Apparently, I did not rant (much) in this entry. No use getting frustrated over the results. Afterall, even Villar, Gibo and Gordon already conceded. I guess I found consolation in this message I found online.

Ifever Noynoy gets impeached (lol) then we will have our first black president.


listening to: Bilog na Hugis Itlog in my head (punyetaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

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  1. guia

     /  May 12, 2010

    Haha! I really enjoy reading your blogs 🙂

  2. nice post! your efforts are all worth it! i enjoy reading your blogs, too. ^^,

    may LSS ka pa rin ba sa “bilog na hugis itlog?”

  3. Kainis that Stupid Lady ha! Saying “Wala kang kwenta” is just too kind! Hahahaha!

  4. jokoness

     /  May 12, 2010

    i’d like to believe that Noynoy was chosen not solely on the fact that he’s Cory’s son but because the Filipino people wants what he promised— a new politician, a new way that’s not crooked but straight with honor and dignity. If I start thinking of it that way, i want to work with Noynoy, even if I didn’t vote for him.

  5. I still do not like the fact that Noynoy won. However, what can I do but to accept and pray fervently that he doesn’t screw us all over. He might not be the smartest, but I hope that his intentions would be enough to clean up the mess that the Arroyo Administration has left. I am still a citizen of this country so I will work with this president, but it doesn’t mean that I agree and support him all the way.

    P.S. If Kris doesn’t leave the country, she might become our new First Lady. Pwede ba si Balsy nalang para may utak?

  6. @guia thanks sis!

    @kate thanks rin! wala na ako lss ng may bilog. dapat lang. one week has passed na. :p

    @kristine nakuuuu, gusto ko na ngang murahin kaso lang nagtimpi na lang ako.

    @joko yeah. sana talaga with honor and dignity. sana panindigan.

    @maia hahahaahahahaha in ferla natutuwa ako sa mga sisters ni kris.


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