365 After The Darkest Moment of My 2K9

A year has passed since I opened the door of the apartment I shared with 2 of my cousins and felt in my gut that something was terribly wrong. A year has passed since I discovered my room ransacked and that my cameras, laptop, jewelry and other valuables missing. Stolen. A year has passed since I had to deal with the Mandaluyong Police (including SOCO) and the ugly truth from them that according to all obvious evidences, one of cousins stole my important belongings.

I still have not acquired new things to replace what I lost, but what I did acquire– something more important than all of the things stolen from me– is the thought that in the darkest moment of my life, I had my family and friends to support me. They are infinitely more precious than all the gadgets and blings.

Still, I want a new camera,  a new laptop and an iPad.


listening to: Kelly Clarkson – Since You’ve Been Gone

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  1. gino

     /  May 20, 2010

    oh my god. what happened to that cousin of yours?

    at least after a year you seem to be in good shape!

    god bless!


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