Dear Mayor Junjun Binay,

Hi Sir!

Two nights ago, I saw a dead holdupper in the sidewalk less than 100 meters from where I live. The shootout happened around 9pm which was the time I was supposed to be walking home on that street had I not overstayed in the office, thus I avoided the big possibility of getting caught in the shootout.

Less than a week ago, my phone almost got snatched at Buendia corner Mayapis St. Had I not inherited my Dad’s iron grip, then I’d be cellphone-less now.


Being the mayor-elect, I fervently pray that you will be an instrument to make Makati crime-free. I hope that what you do will be enough or more than expected.

God bless and goodluck!

Concerned Makati Resident


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  1. teeyah

     /  May 21, 2010

    Oh wow. Glad to know you weren’t hurt, Iya!

  2. Oh my, glad you’re safe.

    I hope that these would be solved too.

  3. hey, iya, i’m happy you’re ok!!! stay safe!

  4. THANK YOU, GIRLS! :`)


  5. Glad to know you’re safe. I do hope Mayor Junjun Binay will get to read your concern. Buy a pepper spray. Extra ingat 🙂

  6. Shux.. Thank God nothing happened to you. Ang tapang mo naman! No matter how careful we are sometimes, if people will really try to rob or hurt you, we really can’t expect it eh.. We, ladies, have lots of weapons in our bags or purses that we can use – a bottle of alcohol, pen, etc.. Ingat, Iya!

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