Dear Mayor Junjun Binay Part 2

Hello again, Sir!

Not a week has passed since my last letter and I have something to say again.

Just last Saturday, after watching a movie in Glorietta, my friend’s Blackberry got stolen. I think the motherfucker got the BB from Carla’s bag when we were going down the escalator. It sucks balls that the BB’s fairly new and it was stolen just when Carla just started enjoying BBM.

Same night, my landlady’s nephew told me that our neighbor’s bag was snatched in front of house. Our neighbor’s preggers, btw. The snatcher had a quick escape, no thanks to his accomplice and their motorcycle.

Another neighbor told me that he tried to seek help from the Baranggay. He called and ask for the chairman or any of the tanods for assistance but the sole person in the center said, “Wala po sila dito. Nag-outing.”

Excuse me but there is no other way to express what I feel…



Do something about this, please.

Sorry. I keep on forgetting that your dad is still the Mayor. Please tell him to do something about this then.

Binoto ko pa naman siya for VP.

Disillusioned Makati Resident


listening to: La Roux – In For The Kill

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  1. anna lee

     /  May 25, 2010

    uso nakawan ngayon! =c ano bang meron? goodluck sana magawan ng paraan ang situation sa inyo.

  2. Jerry

     /  June 6, 2010

    my wife’s iphone was stolen in greenbelt the same week. i also hope the makati gov does something about this.

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