Every tragedy needs a Greek chorus.

That’s my favorite line from Elle Woods of the global hit, Legally Blonde.

I was fortunate enough to attend the special preview of the musical last June 24. Much love to our friends from Philippine Star! A couple of hours before the play, I seriously considered giving away my ticket because I’m not a fan of plays and I was afraid that it would disappoint by not measuring up to the movie (my favorite Reese Witherspoon movie, after Walk the Line). I’m glad I changed my mind because I absolutely loved it! Kudos to Nikki Gil for being able to nail Elle’s transition from ditzy sorority girl to sassy smart Harvard student. Kudos to Director Chari Arespacochaga for giving life and light to one of the best modern comedies. AND Kudos to Ate Myrene (my bestfriend Jap’s sister) who played Pilar, one of Elle’s Greek chorus.

I loved the play so much that I bought a souvernir shirt.

If the OST is out, I’ll buy one, too!


listening to: Legally Blonde – Omigod You Guys

Wabi-Sabi, Sabi Ko.

Went back to Wabi-Sabi for the ramen that we failed to try when we went to Miki’s exhibit.

And we failed again. =( No more ramen when we got there. To think we arrived before 8pm. At least the pho was available.

Vegetarian pho for only 99php.

Enjoy the merriment of noodles, cilantro, tofu and vegetable chicharon in hot broth.

We had sio pao again. Had the chay pao instead of the asado pao. Good veggie goodness.

The pot stickers was still bun cha gioi (Vietnamese for delicious, me thinks) but it’s not crispy as the first time we tried it.

Haaaayyy… I am hopeful that there is ramen the next time I go to Wabi-Sabi. And I am crossing my fingers that it will be worth the wait.


Wabi-Sabi Noodle House
The Collective
7274 Malugay St.
San Antonio Village, Makati


listening to: my colleagues talking about baby stuff

A Night at The Collective

Because we love Miki and because we heart art, we attended …

This was her piece in the exhibit.

It’s called Hairline. The girls in the photo are Inez and Val. And yes, I’m the girl pointing (not giving a dirty finger) at the photo.

And this is me with Joko and Kwe. Kas, Dietrich and Christian were also with us… in spirit. LOL, no group pic.

This is with our favorite artist among the 20. WTG, Miki Giles!

That little lady sitting, my friends, is Tumblr superstar Saab Magalona. Her boyfriend was also one of the 20 artists who made the exhibit possible. I wanted to have a picture taken with her, but I had a blasted headache. Hence, I was not in my kapal-ng-mukha mood. She’s very cute in person pala and seemed down to earth. I followed her on Twitter right after because of.

I want this art piece in my room, even if it I will probably give me nightmares every night.

We also attended the exhibit, because it’s at The Collective and we wanted to try the ramen in one of restos there, Wabi-Sabi. Unfortunately, only the pot stickers, siopao and lemongrass tea were available that night. It was okay, since I liked both pot stickers and asado siopao. I’m not a fan of lemongrass. Joko liked it, though.

I was still hungry so we went to The Collective’s burger joint, Wingman. We had the attention-grabbing items from the menu.

We had the Wingman Burger (that’s Christian, btw). The burger pattie was delicious but the lack (seemed like it) of bleu cheese was disappointing.

This was definitely the source of joy in that brief dinner at Wingman. Say hello to Deep-Fried Snickers a la Mode.

And so that was my art and food night at The Collective last Saturday.

I promised myself I’d be back for more exhibits and to eat that Wabi-Sabi ramen.

(I did go back for ramen. But…. ): Check out next entry.)


listening to: Oasis – Don’t Look Back in Anger

When in Rome, don’t eat a cupcake.

Two of the biggest disappointents I encountered this week were watching

This is the most asinine romantic comedy ever. No smart humor or chemistry between Duhamel and Bell. I am grateful that I did not watch this in a moviehouse. Sa 40pesos nga na pirated dvd na binili ko, nanghinayang ako eh. Yuck talaga.

What’s worse than yuck?

Double yuck.

The Carrot Cream Cheese cupcake from Marta’s Cakes was a let down. The cake was dry as mid-summer and the cream cheese (?) tasted like diabetes.

Should have bought White Hat yogurt instead.


listening to: Ely Buendia and Francis Magalona – Bus Stop

Fight for the things you love. Love the things worth fighting for.

The Second Best Constant

…in this world is my parents’ love for me.

The first being love from God, of course.

I lovelovelove my parents so much. I am grateful that they have never given up on me even if I am nowhere near being the ideal child. =)


Picture taken in the Couples For Christ 29th Anniversary in Ynares Center, Antipolo last June 19. It was our pre-father’s day celebration. Praying together makes my parents overjoyed. =)


listening to: Rain’s sounds (blaring from her earphones hehe)

Makati Fish(?)Balls

I saw this in front of The Collective after I attended the 20/20 art exhibit at the Outerspace Gallery last Saturday.

Hindi ko kinakaya ang nakasulat sa cart ni Kuya. Oh yes. Ganito talaga kami sa Makati!



listening to: Spice Girls – 2 Become 1

Sticker, Baby, Sex, Pita, Smoke

These are the things that made me happy in the last 72 hours…

A picture from Carla’s birthday salubong uploaded by Tamille in Facebook. I love my inaanak Caitlin. She’s the cutest! And I love the blue lighting!

A sticker from the funrun attended by my boss. Pasalubong ko daw. Baka daw kasi sabihin ko na ‘di niya ako love. Hehehe. Thanks, Acey! :p

Got dvds of seasons 2 and 3 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl from my suki, Ate Sally. Saw this line on season 3’s cover: “It’s been a business doing pleasure with you.” :p

Dinner at Rustan’s Gourmet-to-Go. Had this delicious and light Mediterranean Pita with snowpea (or was it split pea) soup. Also ate half of Joko’s lasagna that she paired with creamy tomato soup.

My favorite ex visited me and brought his favorite book. I’m not a fan of Gaiman, but I’ll read this while waiting for him to bring me Hunger Games. Plus, reading has become my substitute for  smoking.


listening to: Katy Perry – Damn

My Latest Party Essentials

It’s not cigarettes and alcohol anymore.

Now that I don’t smoke, I won’t drink as much, so the newest party essentials are…

Cake (Dezaato Caramel Cake)


Lechon (from Cebu!)

Both photos taken from Carla‘s birthday salubong last June 9.


listening to: Beyonce – Baby Boy

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