Top Meal!

After a couple of minutes arguing whether we should try out a vegetarian resto or a Portuguese fusion bar, a compromise was reached and we ended up eating at Top Meal Food House. It’s 2 streets away from Joko’s office and it’s still a mystery why we only got to eat there last week. Beats me, how it was classified as a compromise though! :p

This beat Corner Tree Cafe and O’Sonho for dinner last Monday

Look! Anton of Our Awesome Planet on Top Meal’s wall!

And Mayor Junjun Binay, too!

The place specializes on Bicolano food like Bicol Express (duh) and Top Meal also has Chicken a la Mado, one of the Top 10 Culinary Experiences in the Philippines according to WikiPilipinas. We ordered both dishes as well as binagoongan, pinakbet, and sinigang na baboy. We weren’t supposed to get the sinigang but when the server gave us free sinigang soup, we knew we just gotta have it– kasi sabaw pa lang, winner na! The binagoongan was also a winner dish, it went so well with the sourness of the sinigang (but really, I wish I had green mangoes to go with it). I will not oppose that the bicol express is indeed the specialty. The chicken a la mado, however didn’t fascinate me because I am not a fan of chicken cooked with coconut milk. Also, Joko likened it to chicken curry without the curry and chicken curry is number 1 in my not-to-eat list. Anyway, my friends liked the chicken a la mado, so I guess you don’t have to pay attention to me and my extraneous preference. Hehe. The pinakbet was good according to my part-Ilocana taste buds, loved the balance of veggie sweetness and the tad bitterness from the ampalaya. Joko hates ampalaya though, so yay for me, I had every piece.

L-R: chicken a la mado, bicol express and binagoongang baboy

pinakbet (Bicolano stye? 🙂 )

ugly picture of the supergood sinigang

For dessert, we had leche flan and it’s something I would eat again when I go back to Top Meal. I will accompany it with halo-halo next time.

leche flan (nag-aadik yata ako dito lately)

Halo-halo P65.00… Kassy Pajarillo – priceless (lol)

picture taking while digesting lol (me, Joko, Dietrich and Kas)

With owner, Wilson Tan 🙂

after free, inexpensive is what I want to go with good food :p

Top Meal Food Haus at 5994 J.D. Villena St. cor. Mabini St. Poblacion, Makati


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Of Mouthwatering Liempo, Yummy Frozen Brazo and a Coffee-Drinking Cat

There’s a relatively new place in Jupiter called Chic-Boy (that’s for Chicken and baboy, you carnivores!) that has quickly become my favorite because of its Cebu-style liempo and almost-as-delish-as-my-mom’s variety of sinigang.

Manila Boy invited me to a foodies’ assembly (my first ever!) last May 27 at Chic-Boy. At first, I didn’t want to go because I didn’t know any of the foodbloggers attending the event, but when the Undercover Chef said she’ll accompany me, I was all set.

Cat, Marketing Manager of Chic-Boy treated us to an evening of free food. Damn right, 2 of my favorite words! We had Cebu-style liempo, Cebu-style lechon manok, sinigang na salmon belly, guinisang kangkong, lechon sisig, inihaw na talong with bagoong, turones de leche and leche flan. I liked everything, particularly the Cebu-style liempo because aside from being perfectly cooked, it didn’t give me a headache like when I eat other commercial liempo. The sinigang na salmon was delicious, considering it was only 45php (or 28?) a bowl. The lowly swamp cabbage (oo, pinaarte ko lang ang tawag sa kangkong) was flavourful and went well with the lechon sisig.

the marvelous unchopped Cebu-style liempo

guinisang kangkong with garlic and sinigang na salmon

Joko rockin it, foodie style!

turones con leche (sana lagyan nila ng extra something like langka, nuts ot chocolate! Ü)

leche flan for 30php!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures because my camphone felt like a wimp in the company of the cool point and shoot and dslr cameras of my fellow attendees. Hehe, they’re really serious, food/photobloggers. :p I think one of their rules is to take a gazillion photos of the food first before taking a bite. The amazing number of photos payed off, as their blogs are filled with incredible pictures of glorious, glorious food. ‘Yung tipong ‘pag nakita mo, matutuluan mo ng laway ang keyboard mo. Check their blogs out! B’ley, Fritz, Spanky, Fran & Paul, Jane & Bubba, Jon, Kristine & Robin, AJ & Matthew and Candice

picture taking before eating!

happy + full

Blogalag B’ley and me

Cat and Spanky… thank you! 🙂

The assembly ended with Cat giving us Pier One mugs and gift certificates. Chic-Boy is a subsidiary of Pier One, that’s why. Great food runs in the business (and family).

* I had dinner in Chic-Boy twice after the foodies’ assembly, and I must say,  their chicken inasal and sinigang na baboy are also good.


After my very first foodie-get-together, I had my very first trip to the red-light district of Makati for 2 of the most sinful things made by man ………………………………………………………………………………………………

frozen brazo de mercedes


extra thick chocolate milkshake

Both found in Filling Station in Burgos St. :p

I’ll blog abut Divino next time. Hahaha!

happy Joko and her off-the-menu, 275-peso milk shake


Last stop was Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in A-Venue to see the birthday girl Janice aka PussyCAT Jap. She turned 32 and it was her first birthday without a party. Pero ok lang yon, as long as there’s coffee, she’s happy. Adik! And of course, as long as she has great friends with her, she’s happier. Just stating a fact. Haha!

the 2 important Js of my life, Jap and Joko

with the only “cat” I don’t wish to kill… belated happy birthday dear!

I hope you didn’t expect that there really is a coffee-drinking cat! Cats don’t drink coffee, silly! They drink milk. And martinis! LOL.


I reckon that was a fun night! Friends and food! Can’t wait to do it again!

Oh wait, I just did. Entry about Top Meal coming up!


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