Another Day to Celebrate

I finally decided that I will quit smoking. *palakpakan!!!!!!* :p

This decision came about after I had a conversation with Jap late Tuesday night about making each moment count, the thinning of the ice caps and creating action steps. Well, the exact idea that my mind initially approved was I will not smoke on June 9. And if I survive 24 hours without even a single puff, then there is hope for me to quit.

Why did I choose June 9 as the fateful day for me to put an end to my addiction?

One, I wanted the change to be immediate. I believe that going cold turkey is the way to go, not gradual withdrawal (tried this, it’s bullshit). Two, it’s Carla’s birthday salubong last night and I wanted to know if I can brave a night without smoking after eating lechon Cebu and drinking alcohol.

Yesterday, the 9th. I didn’t have any problem giving in to the evil nicotine temptation because I asked my colleagues to help me with one of my life’s most significant endeavors. In Carla’s party, I curbed my alcohol intake because it felt weird not having anything to puff after each sip.

I told everyone in the office, everyone in Twitter and in FB about this because I want everyone to support me. I know that my will is strong but like a woman who falls back to the habit of loving bad boys, I’m afraid I might just fall back into the lure of nicotine. I also know that when I tell the world of something, I make sure I achieve it because I will not risk my ego from getting busted from eating my own words.

Anyway, I’m not saying that I will never smoke ever ever again. I’m fine with the social smoking once I am supersure I am not addicted to it anymore.

I haven’t had a stick for 43hours. I don’t feel any craving for it now. I hope this goes on. 🙂

June 9, 2011, if I’m still a non-smoker, or an occasional smoker at least, I’m going to throw a party. 🙂


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