When in Rome, don’t eat a cupcake.

Two of the biggest disappointents I encountered this week were watching

This is the most asinine romantic comedy ever. No smart humor or chemistry between Duhamel and Bell. I am grateful that I did not watch this in a moviehouse. Sa 40pesos nga na pirated dvd na binili ko, nanghinayang ako eh. Yuck talaga.

What’s worse than yuck?

Double yuck.

The Carrot Cream Cheese cupcake from Marta’s Cakes was a let down. The cake was dry as mid-summer and the cream cheese (?) tasted like diabetes.

Should have bought White Hat yogurt instead.


listening to: Ely Buendia and Francis Magalona – Bus Stop

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  1. nica

     /  June 28, 2010

    didnt like that movie either. i hate kirsten bell.

  2. jokoness

     /  June 28, 2010

    that movie didn’t really wow me, right, no chemistry.

    the cupcake i had was good though, which set you up for disappointment for that carrot cake.

    miss you yow!

  3. nica: ako rin! i dont like her, pero ok sya sa forgetting sarah marshall.

    joko: zero chemistry talaga. haaayyy.

    yep, in fairness, the cupcake that you had was good. huhuhu. nalinlang ako nung frosting nung carrot cuppy! ang tamis-tamis talaga!

    miss you, too1

  4. Oh, no. I haven’t seen it pa the DVD is still in the drawer but um, ang sayang naman ng 40 ko. Hihihih.


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