The Superfriends @ Lime 88

After eating and camwhoring at The Collective, we went to Lime 88. It’s a lola’s house turned resto that offers street food na pinasosyal.

I told myself I was gonna have their Kare Kare Osso Bucco, but I was still full from Wabi-Sabi, so I chose a “lighter” meal. Had the Kesong Puti and Kangkong Stuffed Chicken Breast with Mashed Potato.

I give this 4 out of 5 stars. The cheese was just the right amount that I still tasted the chicken. Sarap ng chicken and perfect ng gravy! Really went well with the mashed potato. I wish there were more kangkong stuffing though! 🙂

Also had the Sossy Scramble.

Also 4 out of 5 stars. Sosyal version of the street classic right here, but I still prefer the ones in the kalye. I guessn I like it dirty. Hehe!

Jap had the Deep Fried California Maki.

5 out of 5 for the maki, perfect crunch without being oily. I wonder what mango they used. Sarap eh! The dipping sauce was 2 out of 5 though. pero so what, di’ba? :p

Piggy Donnie decided to eat his cousin…. Pork Belly Stir Fry

4.5 stars according to them, I didn’t get to fully taste this because I was limiting my intake of red meat.

But I couldn’t resist what Eunice ordered. Sizzling Dinakdakan!

I give this 5 out of 5 stars plus the entire Milky-Way! Grabe! Ang sarap! So sinful! Calling @juantavinz124. Ano bang meron dito? Liempo? Pagmamahal? Dasal? Winner! Super kudos to the chef!

And for dessert, we had the Jackfruit Walnut Torte!

We all loved this, because we all love dessert but we don’t like supersweet stuff! The langka was subtle and there were lots of walnuts! Amazing torte for only 90php! 5 out of 5!

Spent the rest of the night drinking, chatting and listening to music. They played Mike Francis to Lady Gaga which was fantastic in my book!

That’s Eunice and Donnie trying out Manila Beer (taste in between Super Dry and SML) and Jap trying out… errrrmmm… a stalk of green onion. Yea. She’s weird.

with Lime 88’s very own, Vince Juanta! Cheers to great food and Twitter! Hehe!

Foodies, if you’re looking for a place where you can chill and eat loads of comfort food cooked with a twist, go to Lime. Your wallet will not hate you and your tummy will absolutely love you! Tara, samahan niyo ako bumalik. I still have to try their Osso Bucco Kare Kare and Chocnut Martini!


listening to: Alicia Keys – Dah Dee Dah

The Superfriends @ The Collective

Because Eunice went to Vietnam without us, I brought them to Wabi-Sabi so we can pretend that we went to Saigon together. Haha. No, I just really wanted to eat their veggie pao. :p They loved the pot stickers and ban mhi. And in the battle for noodle supremacy, ramen murdered pho.

Besty Janice aka Jap and Besty Eunice aka Yo

After his meeting with Ford, Donnie followed. We made use of the presence of the colorful walls of the Collective. Kudos to the artists!

Artsy Donnie, in Tagalog… Maarteng Donnie

my default pose– pamewang!

I ❤ Jap and Eunice’s sense of style.

Jap outside the charming shop selling organic products, Ritual…

inside the shop, because Jap wanted a cup of robusta (adik!)

Too bad Colleen and Joko couldn’t join us! 😦

But it’s ok. The Collective is not going anywhere. Next Superfriends’ Makati dinner and drinks, we’re checking out all the shops!


listening to: the bosses talking about CebuPac seat sale

The Mouse, The Vulture, G and I

As I was done with the Project Management exercise in our company’s annual management conference, I started doodling and drew a…


Yes, my hatest hatest hatest hatest mammal. But, oh well, I find this very easy to draw. And, admit it. It’s sort of cute.

G saw the mousey and drew this…

He said his ostrich would eat my mouse.

Being the very professional, quite mature lady that I am, I told him, “Your ostrich looks like a vulture! Panget!!!!!!”

G retaliated by putting me on the hideous looking bird.

So I shot him a murderous glare.

I guess making himself animal-food was his form of apology, eh?

And yes, his nickname is Gio.

Goodie! Drawing is fun!

That’s G (for Giacomo/Gio), Boss V and I.


listening to: RJ’s afternoon mix

Horses and Dreams


Two reasons why I wanted to watch this play by Peter Shaffer: I like stories about sex and religion, and I like sex and religion. In one of Shaffer’s notes on the play, he said he wrote Equus to “create a mental world in which the deed could be made comprehensible.”

Photo by Jojit Lorenzo

I was a bit reluctant to watch it because beastiality immensely disgusts me and this play is about a teenage boy’s sexual/religious fascination with horses. But the thought that there is nudity (frontal!) in the play won me over. I’m just kidding BUT I’m totally serious if it’s Daniel Radcliffe from the Broadway version. :p

Photo by Reuters

Anyway, applause to Repertory Philippines for putting together a masterpiece that made me review my existence. Am I living a life of dull stagnation? Am I following my passions, the wholesome and the perverted? More claps to the actor who plays the psychiatrist, Dysart (Miguel Faustmann). His delivery of the last monologue spoke to me, apologizing for molding Strang’s life into one more similar to that of his own, a life with no pain or passion, a life not worth living at all.

Catch Equus at Onstage Greenbelt until the 25th. For ticket inquiries, log on to


I want one in my room! The movie poster or Leonardo? Whatever!

The original plan was to watch Inception with the girls, but I did not have the patience to wait for them to return from their surf trip that I decided to watch it alone last Saturday morning. Also, I like to watch cerebral movies by myself. More concentration, more fun.

Nolan and The Brilliant Cast of Inception (I have a crush on Cillian Murphy. :P)

As I am a fan of Director Christopher Nolan’s works Memento, Batman Begins, The Prestige and The Dark Knight, my expectations were Kilimanjaro-high. Add that I’m a sucker for psych-sci-fi’s and almost-always interested with dreams and the subconscious. I was elated for having all my expectations met– even exceeded! In a nutshell, Inception is profoundly strange and strangely profound.

Oh, Mr. Robert fischer Jr, if only Dom planted in your subconscious that you’re in love with me…

My take on the totem at the end? I’d like to believe that it was on the verge of stopping, hence, it was already reality. Don’t badger me with the loopholes about Saito and Dom in Limbo. What? I’m a sucker for happy endings. Even in psychologicalheistscifiblockbusters.


Thanks to Jeeves de Veyra for giving us Equus free tickets!

And thank you to myself for getting myself (lol) a movie ticket to Inception! :p


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Spilling The (Chinese) Beans

I’m sorry, I know this is supposed to be a “secret” but I just have to share that I’ve already been to You Jie Xiao Chao aka 6404 Camia St / The Secret Chinese Resto near Rockwell / Hunan.

I have absofukkenlutely no idea how the name is pronounced so i still call it by the longer and more intriguing (nick)name The Secret Chinese Resto near Rockwell. As you already have probably guessed, it’s called 6404 Camia because of its address. Ooops, I am not really helping keeping this place a secret. Ok lang, hindi ko naman sinabi na street sa Guadalupe Viejo ‘yon. Ooops, I did it again. Faaaak!

Moving on, it’s also simply called Hunan by some because the place served Hunan dishes. And Hunan is a province in China that is well-known for its spicy cuisine.

Last Sunday, after watching Inception and Equus we got so hungry (energy almost depleted due to too movie/play analysis) and we had…

the duck hot pot

I’m not a fan of ducky-ducky-quack-quack but I liked this. Hindi lasang malansa. (haha, eh hello, hindi naman isda) The dish was spicy, meat was tender and it went well with…

the kuchay with egg

I googled what exactly is kuchay and why it’s so good. I found out that it’s Chinese leeks or Garlic chives. If you wanna sound more knowledgeable, call it by its Chinese name, jiu cai.

These 2 dishes were also a match made in Hunan heaven…

Kuchay dumplings (ang redundant namin noh? :p) and my favorite mapo tofu. Notice that there’s only one cup of rice. Nag-share na kaming 3 sa isang cup. Nagda-diet kami eh… Wahahaha!!!

We avoided choking on ze spicy by drinking the canned tea Wong Lo Kat. It tasted like gulaman!

My overall eating experience in the Secret Chinese Resto was 8/10. Props to the food. It’s how I imagine food in China would taste like. That’s as far as I can go with defining “authentic taste”. You’d also think you are in China because almost all the customers were Chinese. I felt like a foreigner in my own land! LOL

Don’t expect a lot in ambience, because it’s just a simple space with tables, chairs and a couple of paintings. Ano ba, there isn’t even a sign outside for you to know you’re already in the right place! Oooops, secret nga pala!



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Major Pet Peeve Number #1

I hate it when people say, “Kababaeng tao, nagyoyosi!”

Baket? Babae lang ba ang may baga? Are women the only ones susceptible to lung cancer or emphysema? Mga babae lang ba ang nakakadagdag sa pagkawasak ng ozone layer sa kada buga ng usok? Does smoking impede a woman’s capability to go up the corporate ladder while maintaining a household?

It’s been 1 month and 9 days since I kicked this evil habit, but I still feel connected to it. I acknowledge the obvious that smoking is not an ideal habit, but I ask everyone–especialy the narrow(or close)-minded, holier-than-thou idiots– to also acknowledge that the causes and effects of smoking knows no sex.


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Punyeta kang bagyo ka.
Shit ka.
Hayop ka.


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Carbo and Friends

Here are the pics from the eve of July 9.

Wabi-Sabi Ramen * 90php goodness
I liked it better than their pho, but I wish the soup could be tastier. =)

Wabi-Sabi Ban Mi * can’trememberhowmuch :p
This I liked. Like an Asian salad between halves crusty bread. Pero mas gusto ko pa rin ‘yung nasa Morong! 😛

Over-exposed shot from Paolo and Nicole’s birthday party @ Handlebar
Surfers kami. Bwahahaha!

Playing in front of Handlebar with these people helped me burn the calories.
Belated happy birthday, Paolo…

and Nicole!

Rockin’ Nicole of General Luna 🙂


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Old and New

I’m a normal person, therefore, I like having friends.

Old ones

Miki, Me, Kwe and Joko last Saturday on our way home after a Rotaract Makati Meeting/watching BThe Goons+Worldcup@Bistro121/having SEx (Sinangag Express!)

and new.

Thomas, Grace and me last night in B-Side after the Wabi-Sabi dinner


listening to:  Incubus – Anna Molly

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