Winning and World Cup

Team PG Society finally won 1st place in Murphy’s Quiz Night. I’m glad I got to answer some questions, even if only in 2 categories: plants and literature. Joko’s friends had the answers to q’s about politics, sports, battle sites etc. Grabe si Vlad… pati Zimbabwe leaders kilala!

Click to enlarge and see the proof that we won 1st place, biiiittttchessss!

Because of the team’s consecutive’s winnings, dinner was free. I had fish and chips, pumpkin soup, sticky toffee pudding and coffee.

Free shot, pumpkin soup and brewed coffee… I have no picture of the toffee pudding because I finished it off before i can take a picture of it. Yes, it was good. :p

This is beer battered cream dory fillet with tartare sauce, mushy peas and chips

After the quiz, we watched the Japan-Paraguay game. It was my first time to watch a whole World Cup game, and I gotta say that I enjoyed it. We were cheering for Japan (being pro-Asians and all) but I had the occasional, “Go Paraguay!!!!” whenever a hot player of theirs was focused.

Soccer is THE game. Love to kick balls literally and figuratively. :p

We’re sad because Japan lost. Kawawa when the team and fans were showed crying. =`( Buti na lang there’s Shiraz Cabarnet Sauvignon. Helped numb the pain. LOL.



Murphy’s Pub
Ground Floor, Citiland III Building
V.A. Rufino Street corner Esteban Street
Legaspi Village, Makati City
+632 894 1884 or +632 813 1378


listening to: GLEE – Busted

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  1. wow #1 : you answered plants & literature questions
    wow #2 : dinner for free; but how did mushy peas taste like?
    wow #3 : cheers for the wines!

    • yes i like plants! =p

      errrmmm… like mushy peas! it was good pero sana baked beans na lang kinuha ko. hindi kasi ako tumingin sa menu, ginaya ko lang order nung friend ko. ehehehe.

      oh yes! vino! *sante* =)


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