Last night was fun!

Joko, Kassy and Dietrich attended our company’s special screening of Eclipse in Glorietta 4. Shempre, kami ni Joko, mesmerized na naman sa katawan (katawan, oh katawan) ni Jacob. Hehe! For me, Eclipse is waaaay better than New Moon. Dami ko rin nakaing popcorn c/o Chef Tony’s. =)

After the movie, we went to QC for the launch of Orange Magazine TV, the newest online magazine. Nandun na si Kwe and Tingpats. Finally, na-try ko na rin doon ang strawberry na The Bar. Ok naman. Mas gusto ko pa rin yung green apple.

Since hindi kinaya ng chips ang appetite namin, we went to Mister Kebab. And shempre, beef chelo kebab with rice and extra butter na naman ang order ko. Saraaaapppp!

Kala mo umuwi na ako kasi may work ako the following day? Hindi! Tingpats brought us to his friend Carl’s birthday celeb in Ultimate Liempo Haus in BF Resort in Las PiƱas. Saw my long lost friend Jeff and met his friends Troy, John and the other Carl. Yipeeee for free booze and free food.

Got home around 5am and was already up 8-ish for work.

Damn right I’m sleepy.

There is rest and then there is also a meeting/party tonight at CJ’s house.

Rest? Bukas ka na.



listening to: John Mayer – Say

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