Krispy Kreme: More Than Just Donuts

The benefits of having your company have a tie-up with Krispy Kreme is you make friends with the marketing team. And that means free donuts.

Thanks Vanessa for the glazed donuts brought to our booth last Philippine Star job fair!

And more thanks for feeding me the classic yummies and brandnew goodies in the KK menu!


Have some Cookies and Cream and Very Berry Chillers!

Want something savory?

Sink your teeth in this Bacon and Cheese Pull-Apart.

How about something sweet?

Feast on this Apple Streusel Kruffin.

Still thirsty?

Here’s a Mango Chiller.

You’re not on a diet?

Get an Apple Caramel Pie to go.


Thanks again to Vanessa, Ajay and the whole Ayala (Jaka and Glorietta) Team of Krispy Kreme! =) You made me and the whole ePerformax Recruitment Team happy…….

and fat.

LOL :p


listening to: Glee – Like a Prayer

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