Major Pet Peeve Number #1

I hate it when people say, “Kababaeng tao, nagyoyosi!”

Baket? Babae lang ba ang may baga? Are women the only ones susceptible to lung cancer or emphysema? Mga babae lang ba ang nakakadagdag sa pagkawasak ng ozone layer sa kada buga ng usok? Does smoking impede a woman’s capability to go up the corporate ladder while maintaining a household?

It’s been 1 month and 9 days since I kicked this evil habit, but I still feel connected to it. I acknowledge the obvious that smoking is not an ideal habit, but I ask everyone–especialy the narrow(or close)-minded, holier-than-thou idiots– to also acknowledge that the causes and effects of smoking knows no sex.


listening to: Adam Lambert – If I Had You

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  1. jeanie

     /  July 15, 2010

    the old ones from the province are those who always say that! hahaha holier than thou. nailed it!

  2. thomasmmm

     /  July 15, 2010

    Part of me thinks that it’s a compliment. Maybe the guy’s impression (after seeing you dressed-up & made-up) is that you’re without a vice. Some traditional guys still dream about the Ma. Clara type of girl. Some.

  3. Teeyah

     /  July 15, 2010


  4. jeanie- nako. eksakto. sad nga, kasi even my relatives kasama dyan.

    thomas- hala sige. dream on lang sila. i shall prick that dreambubble. hehe

    tara- *apir*

  5. good that you kicked the habit, kababaeng tao mo pa naman….

    hahah! joke! 🙂
    gets na gets! 🙂

  6. hayaan mo na. people are stupid. it’s up to us to keep the balance and equality.

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  1. I quit smoking exactly a year ago today. | IYA-IYA-YO!

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