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I didn’t go to Usher’s concert last night. Instead, I attended a tweet-up at Wabi-Sabi and went to Paolo&Nicole’s birthday celeb at Handlebar.

I was “shy” in the first 15 minutes of the tweet-up because I didn’t know any of the people there. Sort of except for Thomas, who was anti-social for 9/10’s of the event. Anyway,  yaaaay I got to eat the Ramen in my 3rd attempt! Three is indeed a lucky number!  (Check out Ramen attempt Fail 1 and Fail 2) Loved the ramen! It’s better than their pho in my humble, zero-culinary-knowledge opinion. The Ban Mi Was also good, but I still prefer the ones here in Morong, Bataan because of the presence of liver spread. 🙂 Thomas made bawi (forgive my english-ing, haha) and treated Grace (aka divasoria) and I in B-side. 🙂 <—–  Cranvodka always does this to me– also talking about boys and how stupid and insensitive they are. LOL.

After my 3rd experience in Collective, I went to Handlebar for more alcohol and to share the fun with the awesome couple, Paolo Soler and Nicole Laurel. I was in the mood to listen to kickass rock and roll and Nicole’s band General Luna delivered. Sinosikat and Wally dela Cruz were also there for guaranteed kickass rockin’ and rollin’! Funfunfun times with the friends! I wanted to stay longer, but the besty had to leave because she had a surf trip early Sat and I had to wake up early to go home.

And yep, I am home. I’m in Bataan now with Mama and Daddy.

All the aforementioned are greater than Usher.

But I still wish one of my friends who attended the concert touched his abs for me.


Will blog the ramen pics next week!


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Morning Birdie

Look who I saw this morning as I was about to close the windows of my room!

And look! It followed me when I went by the living room windows!

He’s such a darling! But wait… what kind of bird is he?

It’s such a treat to see him in a maya-infested city. He must be a lost birdy. My colleagues told me I should have adopted him, but where could I have put him? Sa aparador? Sa ref? Hehe.

If I see him again, I might just keep him as a pet. He’s soooo cute!

At talagang HE ang tawag ko sa kanya, di’ba?

Eh bird nga daw kasi.


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Krispy Kreme: More Than Just Donuts

The benefits of having your company have a tie-up with Krispy Kreme is you make friends with the marketing team. And that means free donuts.

Thanks Vanessa for the glazed donuts brought to our booth last Philippine Star job fair!

And more thanks for feeding me the classic yummies and brandnew goodies in the KK menu!


Have some Cookies and Cream and Very Berry Chillers!

Want something savory?

Sink your teeth in this Bacon and Cheese Pull-Apart.

How about something sweet?

Feast on this Apple Streusel Kruffin.

Still thirsty?

Here’s a Mango Chiller.

You’re not on a diet?

Get an Apple Caramel Pie to go.


Thanks again to Vanessa, Ajay and the whole Ayala (Jaka and Glorietta) Team of Krispy Kreme! =) You made me and the whole ePerformax Recruitment Team happy…….

and fat.

LOL :p


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Last night was fun!

Joko, Kassy and Dietrich attended our company’s special screening of Eclipse in Glorietta 4. Shempre, kami ni Joko, mesmerized na naman sa katawan (katawan, oh katawan) ni Jacob. Hehe! For me, Eclipse is waaaay better than New Moon. Dami ko rin nakaing popcorn c/o Chef Tony’s. =)

After the movie, we went to QC for the launch of Orange Magazine TV, the newest online magazine. Nandun na si Kwe and Tingpats. Finally, na-try ko na rin doon ang strawberry na The Bar. Ok naman. Mas gusto ko pa rin yung green apple.

Since hindi kinaya ng chips ang appetite namin, we went to Mister Kebab. And shempre, beef chelo kebab with rice and extra butter na naman ang order ko. Saraaaapppp!

Kala mo umuwi na ako kasi may work ako the following day? Hindi! Tingpats brought us to his friend Carl’s birthday celeb in Ultimate Liempo Haus in BF Resort in Las Piñas. Saw my long lost friend Jeff and met his friends Troy, John and the other Carl. Yipeeee for free booze and free food.

Got home around 5am and was already up 8-ish for work.

Damn right I’m sleepy.

There is rest and then there is also a meeting/party tonight at CJ’s house.

Rest? Bukas ka na.



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Winning and World Cup

Team PG Society finally won 1st place in Murphy’s Quiz Night. I’m glad I got to answer some questions, even if only in 2 categories: plants and literature. Joko’s friends had the answers to q’s about politics, sports, battle sites etc. Grabe si Vlad… pati Zimbabwe leaders kilala!

Click to enlarge and see the proof that we won 1st place, biiiittttchessss!

Because of the team’s consecutive’s winnings, dinner was free. I had fish and chips, pumpkin soup, sticky toffee pudding and coffee.

Free shot, pumpkin soup and brewed coffee… I have no picture of the toffee pudding because I finished it off before i can take a picture of it. Yes, it was good. :p

This is beer battered cream dory fillet with tartare sauce, mushy peas and chips

After the quiz, we watched the Japan-Paraguay game. It was my first time to watch a whole World Cup game, and I gotta say that I enjoyed it. We were cheering for Japan (being pro-Asians and all) but I had the occasional, “Go Paraguay!!!!” whenever a hot player of theirs was focused.

Soccer is THE game. Love to kick balls literally and figuratively. :p

We’re sad because Japan lost. Kawawa when the team and fans were showed crying. =`( Buti na lang there’s Shiraz Cabarnet Sauvignon. Helped numb the pain. LOL.



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