I Declair!

After a tiring job fair in Trinoma, we went to Jack’s Loft to satisfy Eumir’s craving for their sinful looking eclair. Mommy Joyce and I went with him kasi likas kaming matakaw. And Jem went with us kasi gaya-gaya siya. LOL.

Jack’s Loft is located at the resto-central of Trinoma, 2 or 3 restos away from Cyma.

I’m not so familiar with their menu.

It’s my first time to try this food-goal of Eumir… the I Declair! It looks sinful, yeah? Well, makasalanan nga. Kasalanan na hindi masarap. Ok, it didn’t taste like shit either. i just wanted to make that pun!

I liked the icing because it wasn’t too sweet. In fact, the whole dessert wasn’t too sweet. I saw it as an advantage because I’m not too fond of sugar-euphoria, but it came as a disappointment to Eumir who expected it as something that will make his sweet tooth sing in delight. For 150php, it wasn’t that bad, actually. The only thing I’d like to bash about the I Declair is the eclair itself. (Ok, that’s pretty much the whole thing, right? Ooooppppsss…) It was very hard. Biting it was a struggle when I envisioned it to melt in my mouth together with the icing and chocolate sauce.

So there. I’m sorry, Mr. Jack. I’m not coming back to your loft unless it’s for the apple pie and cheesecakes.


PS.. Dear Eumir, please don’t feel bad for bringing us to Jack’s Loft. We enjoyed your company more than the dessert. We love you!


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Fontana Weekend

Spent Kassy‘s birthday in Fontana.

Chill na chill. As in rest and relaxation at umuulan-ulan kaya nangatog ako ng very light. Hehe!

This was our villa, our home for 2 days and 2 nights.

With Rich in the Chinese convenience store na hindi convenient for me, kasi di ako nakakaintindi ng chingchangsu language. In ferla, ang sarap nung noodle na nabili namin dito. Albeit maanghang, na-enjoy ko. Sarap kapartner nung birthday chocolate cake ni Kas.

With Miki at the lobby. Kami ang pinaka-sporty sa group… NOT.

With the girls + the carriage. Sorry, hindi nakita ang fez ni horsey.

Sa golf cart na dinrive ni Miki. (Don’t tell the Fontana people!)

Posing with the gay Fontana dinosaurs.

Brunch Buffet! FTW! Ito ang salarin bakit nag-gain ako ng 5lbs sa loob ng isang weekend. #fail

At the spa locker room. Every mirror moment is a photo opportunity.

Pumo-posing sa gallery. Sa mundo ko, kamukha ni Tuesday Vargas/Nida Blanca yung babae sa likod ko.

Wala ako sa China.

Ang effort ko sa pagpo-poi. Weeeeeee!!!

Since we were just in Clark, we also went to Zambales to surf. Ay, sila lang pala. Kami ni Miki, nagpicture-picture lang.

The wasted and the wasteland.

Dinner at Cantina Mexicana before heading back to Fontana

When we got back to the house, nag-inuman sila ng vodka at nagkainan ng noodles and cake. Nasaan ako? Tulog. Nung humabol ako, paubos na ang alkohol at lapz. So mahaba-habang chikahan na lang tungkol sa boys.

May chairs naman, pero pinagpilitan naming umupo sa kitchen counter ni Joko.

Posing with our poging ride before hitting the water park.

dahil pinataba ako ng weekend na ito. Hindi na ako sexy kaya, pa-macho shot before going back to Manila.

Belated happy birthday, Kas!



photos c/o Michaela Giles


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Return to Offbeat

Went to Offbeat Cafe again last Friday. Told you I was gonna give the burger another chance. :p

Yaaaay! The burger wasn’t soggy anymore! The donut was zapped into perfection. And I am relieved that the side dish wasn’t Chippy. Hello, taro chips!

What really made me happy, though was their Bread Pudding a la Mode. It reminded me of Cafe Juanita’s Sticky Toffee Pudding. Yes, the heavenly delight that Joko and I can eat all day.

But boo! I’m still sad that there was no panna cotta again. 😦 So, that’s another reason to go back. Like my Wabi-Sabi experience, perhaps luck will be on the 3rd try. 🙂


PS Pasensiya na sa picture. Nalulusaw na yung ice cream. Hindi ko agad napicture-an kasi busy ako makipagdaldalan sa labas. Hahah!


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If I were ga-papel,

I’d totally rock this simple yet chic Victoria Beckham look.

Steps on how to rock it:

1. Starve myself for at least 30 days.
2. Get a football superstar/demigod husband and… errrr… exercise together.
3. Give birth to gorgeous kids that I will clothe in matching designer apparel.
4. Get my eyes behind big sunglasses.
5. Wrap my paper-thin body in Vogue-worthy luxe items.
6. Repeat last part of step 5.

Been doing Step 1 for a week now and I think it has caused me to write this absurd entry. Glucose imbalance, hello.


Sorry, I can’t remember where I got the image. Yahoo! gallery, perhaps?


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The Offbeat Burger

is the most sinful burger I’ve ever tasted.

Yes. Those aren’t buns. That’s a Krispy Kreme glazed donut with a thick beef pattie, bacon, cheese and fried egg in between. My doctor might bitchslap me if I tell him I ate this. OR he might ask me to get one for him.

If you want to get one for yourself, go to the OffBeat Cafe. It’s at 1406 Vito Cruz Ext. Cor. Balagtas St., Makati.

I actually didn’t like the burger so much. More than half of the burger was soggy: donut drenched in bacon fat. The pattie was bland, so I didn’t get my wish of sweet-salty magic happening in my mouth. I did appreciate the part with the non-soggy donut, so I’m going back to Offbeat to give this burger another chance. Plus, I want to try their panna cotta. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.


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Fantastic Ford

I have veered away from driving since I lost my car last 2005. Also, I have an expired license. :p BUT if I were to drive again, I’d drive this baby.

This is the limited edition Ford Everest. Ok, I got to drive it for a bit (sobrang bit, parang hindi nangyari so don’t tell LTO hahaha) when we went to Fontana for Kassy’s birthday last weekend. I felt safe in this vehicle even if the weather was such a bitch. Even if it took us hours to get to our destinations (we also went to a surf spot in Liwa-liwa, Zambales) my butt didn’t hurt at all! Thanks to the very comfy leather seats! 🙂

Sobrang sosyal pa ng capabilities of this vroom-vroom. One of the happy moments in the car was when we called Kwe with the help of the Everest’s bluetooth. Speakerphone galore! Sound system’s excellent. another happy moment was when we sang Black Eyed Peas songs. party party! Tugs tugs tugs!

I ❤ this car so much that I’d want my next boyfriend to be as gwapo and as swabe as it. Also, I’d want my next bf to drive a Ford Everest.

This car is the perfect fit for the realistic-idealistic me.

Think about it.


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Chocnut Martini + Deep Fried Coke

Joko won 1st place in the Wahine Surf Competition so we had our celebratory dinner at Lime 88. Yes, again. I did say I’m going to eat their Osso Bucco-style Kare-Kare and drink their Chocnut Martini, right?

Because it’s Joko,Kassy and Kwe’s first time there, I suggested the dishes Jap, Donnie, Eunice and I had the last time. So, we also had Deep-fried California Maki, Stir Fry Pork Belly and Sizzling Dinakdakan. Because mas matakaw itong grupo namin nila Joko, we also had…

Pork with Silken Tofu (wala pa yatang 10 seconds, naubos na namin)

Osso Bucco Style Kare-Kare (‘Eto rin, wala pang 1 minute, ubos na!)

Crispy Dinuguan (Hindi ito agad naubos kasi busog na kami! :p)

Very happy and very busog! (That’s me with my Chocnut Martini!)

I love you.

Too bad Lime 88 ran out of dessert. We had to go to Wingman at The Collective to have our sweet-fix. We had the Deep Fried Snickers again and tried the Deep Fried Coca-Cola.

It’s actually funnel cake with Coca-Cola syrup! Yummy! Liked this better than the Snickers. 🙂


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The Ultimate Wahine Surf Champ!

Congratulations to my original baby bunny, Joko for winning 1st place in the Wahine Surf Comp last Sunday at Club Manila East. Sabi ko na nga ba, hindi talaga ako dapat pumunta sa Paranaque or sa Legaspi Sunday Market so that I can watch her compete.

Coach Lorraine, Marcella, Jayzel, Joko, Zoe, Coach Ejay, Jam and Coach Paolo

I’m so proud of her because I know she worked damn hard to achieve this. Pakkshet sa lahat ng mga hindi naniwala na kaya niya ito. Sabi nga ni Joko, bunnyness is sexyness with oomph. The oomph being being uupakan kita if you piss me off. 🙂 Awww… I taught her well. Surfing and being badass. LOL

The Bunny Family! Joko, Kwe and Me! :p

Woohoo! Interview with Sports Unlimited! She DED it! Hahaha!

With one of the judges, THE Luke Landrigan. Surf God with the mantra, EAT SURF RED HORSE BOOM 2x And I with the duck lipshhh.

Bunny/Piglet/Lizard power!!!

Congrats again Joko! We love you!
(Pero super proud na ako sa iyo kapag nakakapag-TUNNEL ka na!)

But wait! There’s more!

Para sa mga nagre-request, here’s Luke na walang shirt.



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