Fantastic Ford

I have veered away from driving since I lost my car last 2005. Also, I have an expired license. :p BUT if I were to drive again, I’d drive this baby.

This is the limited edition Ford Everest. Ok, I got to drive it for a bit (sobrang bit, parang hindi nangyari so don’t tell LTO hahaha) when we went to Fontana for Kassy’s birthday last weekend. I felt safe in this vehicle even if the weather was such a bitch. Even if it took us hours to get to our destinations (we also went to a surf spot in Liwa-liwa, Zambales) my butt didn’t hurt at all! Thanks to the very comfy leather seats! 🙂

Sobrang sosyal pa ng capabilities of this vroom-vroom. One of the happy moments in the car was when we called Kwe with the help of the Everest’s bluetooth. Speakerphone galore! Sound system’s excellent. another happy moment was when we sang Black Eyed Peas songs. party party! Tugs tugs tugs!

I ❤ this car so much that I’d want my next boyfriend to be as gwapo and as swabe as it. Also, I’d want my next bf to drive a Ford Everest.

This car is the perfect fit for the realistic-idealistic me.

Think about it.


listening to: The Beatles – Penny Lane

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  1. sclyn

     /  August 11, 2010

    haha. i used to drive an everest and i got into an accident, the car was pretty wrecked but not a scratch on me. so yay!

  2. kassy

     /  August 12, 2010

    super 🙂 im having the seperation anxiety already returning the car. We are truly blessed and grateful for ford lending us a car , and that i chose the right vroom vroom for the bday weekend.

    Super glad you came 😛

  3. sab: ito ba ang accident na nangyari last year? :p

    kas: right vroom vroom! tumpak! 🙂

  4. sclyn

     /  August 13, 2010

    yessir. 😐

  5. I bet the next boyfriend will be under pressure. Ang ganda naman ng Ford na yan! 😉

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