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Thank you, Carla for this surreal shot. Halatang mga diyosa kami ni Miki. :p


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Becky Ballers?


Who said walang becky sa hardcourt?

Well… ok, I don’t think Mr.FEU deliberately put his hand *there*. Just a matter of unlucky timing of having this awkward moment captured and circulated in the http://www. It must also be an unfortunate coincidence that Mr. State U gave that “ok lang” look.

Anyway, don’t fret, boys! You’re not the only victims of accidental beckiness c/o the quick and deadly sports cam.


Yiheee, Kobe! Kissy kissy! Mwah mwah!

Wow, Shaq. Hardcourt hardcore!


Thanks to @juantavinz124 for tweeting the 1st pic and to Alex B for sending me Kobe’s and Shaq’s. :p


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Simple Things I Love About Home

After almost 2 months of not seeing my parents, I got to file for VL and I went home to Bataan 2 weekends ago. I realized that things are very different now compared to what we had when we still lived in BF. There are a few things, however, that remain constant and I am very grateful to these things…

Mama never fails to forget the food I would like to eat whenever I’d go home.

She cooked pork sinigang with gabi and halabos na hipon for me. Daddy would always joke that he gets to eat a lot whenever I am there. Nagpapakitang gilas. :p We also opted to “eat out” literally. As in sa may gilid ng dirty kitchen namin. Katabi ng mga puno like buko, mangga, saging, suha, etc. Al fresco kung al fresco. Presko talaga ang hangin sa probinsya.

They also had special suman sa lihiya made for me. This is the only suman I enjoy eating. Childhood favorite ko ito.

I always go to Mafi’s house when I’m in Morong. My cousin’s house is nearer the beach and that’s where my closest cousins and I prefer to drink or pig out.

I wasn’t in the mood to drink because our poison that night was Zinfandel and Blackberry Merlot. For some reason, I wanted Red Horse or The Bar, but I was too lazy to get beer from the sari-sari store, but I was not too lazy to eat Tita Linda’s luto.

Chicken adobo, adobong pusit, hotdogs, garlic mushrooms and Coke! Walang diet-diet ‘pag nasa probinsya!

My niece/goddaughter Reese always tags along. I have been teaching her how to eat barbecue sa kalye. So far, so good. She’s becoming matakaw like her Tita Ninang Iya Ganda. (Sampalin ko ang kokontra sa tawag niya sa akin.)

I make it a point to not go back to Manila without eating Pho (25php) and Ban Mhi (30php). Hello? Magkano sa Wabi-Sabi ‘yan, diba?

Another must when I’m home is attending mass. Look how sweet my mama and daddy are. HHSSWW!!! Holding hands, may pa-swing-swing pa while walking!!!

Ma and Dad made sure that I wouldn’t go back to Manila without eating my other favorites. For brekky, we had tuyo, sinangag with lots of garlic, fried egg and coffee with lots of Coffee Mate and muscovado sugar. Just the way I likey. Mama also cooked tapa but I didn’t have any.

For lunch, more hipon, kilawing labong (bamboo shoots cooked in vinegar) and fried tanigue.

I miss the life we had in BF, but I’m glad we brought the excellent food and massive love in Bataan.

I can’t wait to go home again! Mama said she’ll make lumpiang hubad, adobong spareribs and garlic alimasag for me!


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Tickets to The Greatest!

I thought I was listening to Dave Matthews the first time I heard No Such Thing. A blockmate had to tell me, “That’s not Dave Matthews. That’s John Mayer.” And of course, I replied, “Who the fuck is John Mayer?”

I googled and there he was… the singular perfection that no amount of future bad publicity can ever change.

Since 2001, there were times that I forgot who Dave Matthews is, but not a single day that I do not remember the genius that is John Clayton Mayer.

If I had to use just my fingers to enumerate my favorite songs of his, the songs would be…

My Stupid Mouth
Back to You
Friends Lovers or Nothing
Why Georgia
Heartbreak Warfare
Free Fallin’
& (my most favorite!!!)

They say he always includes neon in his setlist so I am preparing myself to sing my heart out. “When sky blue gets dark enough to see the colors of the city lights… a trail of ruby red and diamond white hits her like a sunrise………… she’s always buzzin just like neon… neon…” I guess my friends are also preparing to carry me to the nearest hospital just in case I faint out of immobilizing euphoria!

John Mayer: Live in Manila is just a few days away and I’d like all of you to experience his musical genius with me. No. I don’t have the money to buy tickets for all of you. Hehe. So, I’d like you all to join the Manila Concert Scene: John Mayer Live in Manila Contest by clicking on this link.


Let me motivate you some more…




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I wanted to eat Jap, but there was a sale in MOA last Friday and I didn’t want to walk too far to get to Yakimix AND I did want another Thai food alternative, so Enzo and I went to Jatujak. Sabi niya masarap daw dun eh. Sabi din ni Eumir. Dahil din gullible ako, sige na nga. 😛

Good decision. I actually liked their food better than Soms.

We had the Yam Pla Duk Foo (Crispy Catfish with Mango Salad). This went well with the chili fishsauce. I love that the catfish was really crispy and there were a lot of peanuts.

This ruined my diet. The Kao Pad Poo (Fried Rice with Crabmeat). Pardon the non-macro shot. Trust me, there were lots of crabmeat in the rice. =)

The rice was superdelish with this Kaeng Kiew Waan Gai or Green Chicken Curry. I found Jatujak’s green curry as hot as Soms’ red curry. Surprisingly, it did not make me choke. A little trivia about me, I am not so brave when it comes ze hotstuff. (pwera lang kung boys. lol)

This will not find it’s way to my tummy again—

The Thai Iced Tea wasn’t as good as the one in Soms. I want my iced tea sweeter. Plus, hello?!??? Ang taas taas ng baso, ang ikli-ikli ng straw. Ano ba ‘yan.

Well, Enzo didn’t have any complaints. Hmpffttt.

Price, check.
Food, highfive!
Ambience, so-so.

Will I eat there again? Yes. Next time, I will get their pork spareribs, pomelo-prawn salad and desserts. =) 

Jatujak, SM Mall of Asia

2F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City
(02) 556-0850


Pahabol: Jatujak is pronounced Cha-too-chak. Learn it. Love it.


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Today is the right day to fall out.

I just also wanted to say that.


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Today is a nice day to fall in love.

I just wanted to say that.


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Happy birthday, Ace!

To my boss, Ace… I hope you get all your good heart’s desires.

We love you soooo much! Lolay Lolay you’re the best! Lolay Lolay above the rest! Woooooooo!!!! *cartwheel*

L-R: Pat, Trish, Ice, Me, Mommy Joyce, Ace and Eumir @ the Island Exhibit Job Fair

Happy 30th!!!!!!


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Bus. Sash. Gloves.

Sorry, I’ve only been writing about my foodscapades and other shallow (I love you, friends and food, but you know what I mean) details of my life lately that it made me wonder if I still give a fxck about the other things going on around me.

I only had to wonder for 2seconds. The answer, naturalmente, is yes.

I’ve been updating my fb and twitter about my thoughts on the latest news. I just have had not enough time (and dedication) to put in in my blog. Not that you care. LOL.


Anyway, my thoughts…

photo c/o Yahoo!

On the hijacked tourist bus…

I was one of the thousands of Filipinos who watched this sad, sad event. May the souls of those killed rest in peace and may the Chinese not bomb us for what happened to their fellowmen. If you want revenge, follow Mendoza in hell and hit him with Satan’s pitchfork. True, our policemen lacked the necessary training and arms to handle Mendoza, but what they really lacked there was the common sense to not arrest the brother.

On Venus Raj winning 4th runner-up…

I am not a fan of Venus, but I was thrilled that she made it to the Miss Universe Top 5 and snagged 4th runner-up. To all her haters, kayo kaya ang sumali at tignan natin kung makapasok kayo… sa pinto ng audition. LOL. I admit I was a tad disapponited with her answer in the final q, but I’m still proud that she answered with complete confidence and grace. I am getting sick though of the ubiquitous usage of Venus’s major, major answer. Give it a break, people.

On Mayweather’s ridiculous racism…

I know, I know. I used to wish for Pacquiao to lose a boxing match, so that the misinformed kids who blindly idolize him will focus on their studies instead of hitting faces to stardom. When Pacquiao won the match against Hatton, he won my admiration and respect. Now that he’s pitted against  Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., he’s got my support. Yaaay to Rep. Emmanuel Pacquiao for being a gentleman and not verbal-boxing the chickenshit dumbass that is Mayweather.

That’s all for now. Back to regular blogging.

Food and friends. Soon…. LOVE. Hahahaha!


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