I can’t handle a 10-incher.

Went to Offbeat again and I tried the Uncle Joe’s Sloppy Balls. It’s tagline: “Can you handle a 10-incher?” I only handled 8 inches of this delicious, spicy, meaty goodness. The rest, I gave to Enzo by subtle force. LOL. Kudos to him for eating the rest of my sandwich after finishing the awesomely heavy Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger. (He liked it!!!) Double kudos for eating the burger with his barehands. Ang baboy!

For dessert, I had the panna cotta with peaches. A dozen hugs to Chef Pancho for making me happy with this cooked cream goodness. 🙂

Had no more tummy space after Offbeat. Went to B-Side, Capone’s and Central and saw Kiwi and Delight.

I failed to tell D about Uncle Joe. I’m sure she would have handled it effortlessly. Hehe.

Lalo naman si Kiwi. Bwahahaha.


listening to: John Mayer – My Stupid Mouth

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