Bus. Sash. Gloves.

Sorry, I’ve only been writing about my foodscapades and other shallow (I love you, friends and food, but you know what I mean) details of my life lately that it made me wonder if I still give a fxck about the other things going on around me.

I only had to wonder for 2seconds. The answer, naturalmente, is yes.

I’ve been updating my fb and twitter about my thoughts on the latest news. I just have had not enough time (and dedication) to put in in my blog. Not that you care. LOL.


Anyway, my thoughts…

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On the hijacked tourist bus…

I was one of the thousands of Filipinos who watched this sad, sad event. May the souls of those killed rest in peace and may the Chinese not bomb us for what happened to their fellowmen. If you want revenge, follow Mendoza in hell and hit him with Satan’s pitchfork. True, our policemen lacked the necessary training and arms to handle Mendoza, but what they really lacked there was the common sense to not arrest the brother.

On Venus Raj winning 4th runner-up…

I am not a fan of Venus, but I was thrilled that she made it to the Miss Universe Top 5 and snagged 4th runner-up. To all her haters, kayo kaya ang sumali at tignan natin kung makapasok kayo… sa pinto ng audition. LOL. I admit I was a tad disapponited with her answer in the final q, but I’m still proud that she answered with complete confidence and grace. I am getting sick though of the ubiquitous usage of Venus’s major, major answer. Give it a break, people.

On Mayweather’s ridiculous racism…

I know, I know. I used to wish for Pacquiao to lose a boxing match, so that the misinformed kids who blindly idolize him will focus on their studies instead of hitting faces to stardom. When Pacquiao won the match against Hatton, he won my admiration and respect. Now that he’s pitted against  Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., he’s got my support. Yaaay to Rep. Emmanuel Pacquiao for being a gentleman and not verbal-boxing the chickenshit dumbass that is Mayweather.

That’s all for now. Back to regular blogging.

Food and friends. Soon…. LOVE. Hahahaha!


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To Owee

Two weeks ago, Carlo woke me up with an sms that was enough for me to get up and swear the rest of my goodnight’s sleep to hell.

“Saw her blog. She’s happy. She says she’s completely forgiven you and that she prays for you everyday.”

Ano daaawwww??? I called Carlo and asked him to read the lines for me, word for word. I did not trust myself to go check her blog since I was seething in anger. I checked my reflection and saw my face in red haze. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve never hated her. I’ve never even disliked her (ok, a bit when she blogged stuff about me way back). In fact, I’ve always wished that she becomes happy. So I guess that pretty much equalizes her prayers for me. What I can’t take is that bullshit forgiveness she generously offered me. Completely daw eh. Gahd. After all these years, she still thinks that I was the one who wronged her? She never really considered that I was also a victim of that twisted open relationship crap that she and her then-boyfriend started. I have no idea what rules they made up for that open relationship bull, but I’m 110% sure that I did not date him to be the number 2. Or magfeeling na maging number 1. Exactly what does an open relationship mean?! What did their open relationship mean? If I did wrong her, surely it took 2 to tango, so why not blame him, too?

It’s frustrating that she never got to know my side. It’s more frustrating that there is no more point of her knowing what my side is.

It’s very simple really. I liked him. He liked me. I loved him. She loved him. He liked me. He loved her. And I let go.

After a year I heard that they ended things. I saw him again and la la la and after a month he was happy with someone else.

Life’s like that. He’s happy. She’s happy. I’m happy. We’re all happy apart. =)

Two hours ago, I braved checking her blog and saw with my own eyes her message for me. I replied– not anonymous this time.

“thanks for the prayers. 🙂 i don’t think i need the forgiveness, though. afterall, you don’t know my side of the story. no use of knowing it now. 🙂 i’m glad that you’re happy! cheers! “

All words said were meant.

Cheers to moving on!


Owee, if you’re reading this, I love your photos. Saw your website. You are amazing. 🙂


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