Tickets to The Greatest!

I thought I was listening to Dave Matthews the first time I heard No Such Thing. A blockmate had to tell me, “That’s not Dave Matthews. That’s John Mayer.” And of course, I replied, “Who the fuck is John Mayer?”

I googled and there he was… the singular perfection that no amount of future bad publicity can ever change.

Since 2001, there were times that I forgot who Dave Matthews is, but not a single day that I do not remember the genius that is John Clayton Mayer.

If I had to use just my fingers to enumerate my favorite songs of his, the songs would be…

My Stupid Mouth
Back to You
Friends Lovers or Nothing
Why Georgia
Heartbreak Warfare
Free Fallin’
& (my most favorite!!!)

They say he always includes neon in his setlist so I am preparing myself to sing my heart out. “When sky blue gets dark enough to see the colors of the city lights… a trail of ruby red and diamond white hits her like a sunrise………… she’s always buzzin just like neon… neon…” I guess my friends are also preparing to carry me to the nearest hospital just in case I faint out of immobilizing euphoria!

John Mayer: Live in Manila is just a few days away and I’d like all of you to experience his musical genius with me. No. I don’t have the money to buy tickets for all of you. Hehe. So, I’d like you all to join the Manila Concert Scene: John Mayer Live in Manila Contest by clicking on this link.


Let me motivate you some more…




listening to: John Mayer – 83

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  1. alain

     /  September 26, 2010

    thank you for the info 🙂 love your blog!

  2. thank you! 🙂 go! join the contest!


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