The John Mayer Experience

After a concert countdown that irked a lot of my friends, the calendar hit October 2 and just like that, John Mayer Day is finally over. 

I made sure I annoyed my followers and contacts before, during and a wee bit after the concert with updates and whatnots.

It’s this blog’s turn to annoy all you haters and make my fellow fans happy.

So, I was with Trick, Kassy, Joko,

Joline and Tamille. And umbrellas ann raincoats.

The concert started around 9 with Aiza Seguerra as the front act.

Aiza was amazing. She sang Runaway, Kiss From a Rose, Akala Mo (?), Bilanggo, Bette Davis Eyes and Ang Huling El Bimbo. My favorite from all those? Bilanggo. I didn’t like the original, but her version rocked the house! Kudos, Little Miss Philippines! 🙂

Aiza’s not only amazing, she’s also lucky because it didn’t rain (or at least, not much) when she and her band was onstage.

As for the main act, well, let’s just say that John Mayer got me wet. And all the other girls. Even the boys. Punyetang ulan. JM said, “You waited 5 months and then it rains.”  The rain was mostly a bitch, but it sorta made the experience fun. Haha, that’s how I imagined Woodstock would be like. Thank God it stopped raining sometime middle of the show.

Look at him.

He looked as if he just woke up and realized he has a concert to go to and just picked the nearest shirt and put it on. And the hair!!! Unruly. I know some girls who’ll give anything to run their fingers through those locks. Mwehehe, I’m not one of those girls. I’d rather get him a nicer shirt to put on. Or just have him shirtless!

LOL, okay, moving on…

JM and his boys performed No Such Thing, Perfectly Lonely, Aint No Sunshine, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, Waiting on The World to Change, Your Body is a Wonderland, Who Says, Heartbreak Warfare, Gravity, Do You Know Me, Why Georgia, and for his last song– Half of My Heart with a sample of Don’t Stop Believing. And GASP! for encore, Edge of Desire. There was 1 or 2 songs that I don’t remember, simply because I don’t like them. Sad that he didn’t play My Stupid Mouth, Lovesong for Noone, Back to You and Friends Lovers or Nothing, but then again like what Gary V tweeted, it’s hard to choose when you have so many hits. But damnit. Huhuhu. I really wanted Neon in the setlist! Oh well! I hope he comes back next year and play all the other great songs!

Truth is, even if I don’t think he was THAT engaging concert-wise and even if I am not fond of people with a cleft chin, I still love him. Because John Mayer IS  John Mayer. And he’s a sexy sexy sexy man that can make me brave the rain on any given day. But hopefully, the next concert’s in Araneta.


Thanks @29bullets for letting us use your camera! 🙂


listening to:  John Mayer – Bigger than My Body

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  1. Stella

     /  October 2, 2010

    i am disappointed he did not sing lovesong for no one. i would rather hear that than no such thing! nice pictures! it was hard for me to take decent shots because we were too far from the stage! =(

    i really hope he comes back and do a concert #2!

  2. My gosh, we were there early and I don’t know why but when it was raining, we were just there and so our clothes got wet and we had to buy new ones sa SM. Only John Mayer can make me do that.

    Shet. It was worth it. Kahit he did not sing my favorites either {Man on the Side and Not Myself}. My favorite from last night is Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.

  3. Hi iya, Tamille’s sister’s name is Joline 🙂

  4. stella: yep, i hope he comes back next year! :p
    kas: yan, i edited it na. thanks!
    tara: haha! grabe, ang dami ng kinita ng sm sa pagbili ng mga tao ng payong, raincoat etc! hahaha

  5. Love Song for No One and Back to you, i’m still confused.

  6. its heaaaaaaaaaaartbreaaak warfareeeee!!!!! 🙂

  7. dana

     /  October 30, 2010

    didnt get to go! i heard he was awesome! aiza too!

  8. Some thing said here are very untrue but i get the point

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