My Redundant Sbarro Dinner

Had dinner at Sbarro MOA before the John Mayer concert. 

I had a slice of the very filling and delightfully gooey New York White Pizza (85php) and 


a slice of the surprisingly delectable, almost perfect trio-fruit cheesecake (76php). 


The pizza was good, but I’ve had better. I wouldn’t mind having it again. Meat sauce with it was a good idea. Thank you, Chef Joko for the suggestion and sharing her extra baked ziti sauce.

It’s my first time to get dessert from Sbarro and I was very happy with my choice. The crust had the perfect sweetness albeit too thin. The filling was creamy, not gelatin-ey (haha, can’t describe) and the toppings tasted fresh. Their cheesecake is much much better than a lot of fastfood cheesecakes- even better than some gourmet ones!

Yeah yeah yeah… Hindi naman halata na adik ako sa keso, noh? :p (More proof of me being a cheesoholic.)


Sbarro, SM Mall of Asia
1/Lvl., Entertainment Mall, Central Business Park
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 556-0149 


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  1. Bon Serrano

     /  October 4, 2010

    Na-try ko na ung dessert na yan last week. Infairness, masarap nga sha.

  2. I craved for cheesecake the other day because of this picture that you posted on Twitter! I see it again 😀 We were so lazy to park the car & get out of it just to order cheesecake for takeout. So we went to the safest place that I could think of buying 1, Starbucks. Ordered Oreo Cheesecake for a whopping PhP110 & I didn’t like it. Noted ang Sbarro cheesecake mo 🙂

  3. hi, ang sarap naman ng food dito =) nagutom tuloy ako, i saw a pasta that’s my favorite among the other foods =)

  4. ooh i love cheesecake. matalag ko narin tinitignan ng masama yang cheesecake nila. masubukan nga.

  5. i looove sbarro… and my mom too! and i love their baked zitti too.. mmm it’s making me hungry…
    their cheesecakes are good i agree on that one ^_^

  6. salamat sa mga comments! ang tatakaw niyo! ahehehe.

    yaaaayyy cheesecake! 😀

  7. Sbarro has dessert now?????? *zoooooms to Ayala*

  8. white pizza!! nomnomnom 😛


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