Dirty Harry- Not The Western

Before seeing the Magalonas in the FMCC 4th anniv event at The Collective, we first saw Dirty Harry.

Clint Eastwood? In Makati???

Read on.

Dinner with my friend Sean last Friday Night was in Pasta Box is right beside the noodlehouse/deli Wabi-Sabi. Like all the other restos and shops in The Collective, it’s also small and cozy. The picture above shows the Chef and the manager on the left and my Sean and Jeman on the right (snuck out of the FMCC event to visit us).

And then there’s them with hungry but still smiling me. :p

For a small resto they have a fair number of dishes to choose from. For pasta, we chose conchiglioni and for its sauce- Dirty Harry just because I like the name. The Dirty Harry sauce is a mix of pork strips, black beans and cajun spices. I loved everything about Dirty Harry. It was savory and I didn’t need to put cheese and chili flakes, but I still did because I wanted to! LOL Yes, I like Dirty Harry better as a pasta than a western.

Their Italian Panini was very filling and to think it was just ciabatta, salami and cheese. Hmmm, I think it also had roasted bellpeppers. I only hope they change the kinds of chips they served it with. 😐 Hindi yummy eh, hindi pa cute sa picture. :\

Buti pa ito, cute sa picture….

Their Banofee Shot was delish! Graham crust, bananas and whipped cream served in a shot glass. Too cute to eat!!! Chos! I ate it of course, and I found it delightfully sweet. I suggest they serve it chilled next time though. Ours was only teeny-weeny colder than room temp.

Next time, we’ll have Popeye’s Favorite Pasta, Pinoy Panini and Panna Cotta Shot. Of course, we’ll go back.

Friendly atmosphere, prices are fair, food is good. What more could a person want?

Delivery, yes! They also deliver!

Pasta Box
The Collective, 7274 Malugay Brgy. San Antonio
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 881-6188



Why did I find out about this contest a week too late?


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