I don’t make friends. I make social investments.

One of my college bestfriends has a recurring problem- her friends keep on disappointing her to a point that she doubts there was even a friendship that ever took place. I totally get her. It’s disappointing to know that we are already in our late 20’s and we still haven’t mastered the art of choosing people to let in our intimate circle. I think, sometimes, one has the desire to always see the innate goodness of someone even if one’s intuition screams BEWARE! In the end, some of the people we labeled as friends prove that they are just leeches feeding off our time, resources and energy. Disappointing does not even begin to cover the feeling one gets from this emotional treachery.

Lucky for me I have not experienced this heartache for a long time now. I am content with the number of friends I have. I have around 15 and I think that’s plenty! Thank you, God! It will not kill me if the number does not increase. It won’t kill me either if it decreases, but it will surely make me sad. I am working very hard to maintain the relationship I have with my friends. So far, so good.

I told Jap that maybe it would help if she makes an inventory of her existing true friends (hopefully, I’m on top of her list, hehehe) and just think of the next person she meets as a social investment. Someone to be with during ciggy breaks, someone to use a model for photoshoots, someone to RT your tweets… Networking is good. If that someone starts exhibiting parasitic behavior, then all she has to do is delete the asswipe from her contacts list.

If time permits that the people in her network stays with her during the happy times and more so, in times of despair then great! One more friend to add to her list. One more person she can share her cat stories and coffee recipes with. =)


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