Le Bistro Vert

After an awesome dinner at Lu (this deserves a separate blog post next week!) we went to Le Bistro Vert for more dessert!

Le Bistro in Fraser Place, location of the old Capones

Le Bistro Vert’s selection of cakes and pies!

I wanted to try the Calamansi Pie after @chitjuan recommended it to me via Twitter. We also had the other bestseller, Pandan Sansrival and Chocolate something something.

Top to Bottom: Pandan sansrival, Calamansi Pie and Chocolate something-something.

@iyassantos with @jokoness and @kathlenemaelo :p and…

@runaholickassy and @trickoy

The Pandan Sansrival was good, chewy with just the right sweetness. I don’t know why it’s their bestseller when the Calamansi Pie’s much much better!  Perfect combo of tartness and sweetness! The chocolate cake that I call something something because I don’t remember what it’s name would have been superb if I wanted death by chocolate. Hehe, not a chocolate person here, sorry chocolovers. :p

So, if you’re going to ask me if I’m going to recommend Le Bistro’s desserts, YES! I just found the prices a bit high for not-so generous slices. But I guess I should have expected that from organic desserts! :p


Spotted: TinTin Bersola-Babao and Julius Babao

Le Bistro, Fraser Place Manila
Streetside, Fraser Place Manila, Valero St. Salcedo Village
Makati, Metro Manila
(02) 403-1481


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Dillingers 1903

Bugsy’s has a new bro! Meaning, Perry has a new baby!

Welcome, Dillingers 1903. Big hugs from the foodies!

Inquirer calls Dillingers a swanky steak-and-brew resto-bar. It is on the third floor of Greenbelt 3, Makati City. It offers continental dishes and a wide array of wine, liquor and imported beer. I got to see it in it’s soft launch. I wanted to be there last night for its formal opening, but I had to sleep early. Booo.

Will be back there this weekend for a couple of mojitos and steak!

Congrats, Perry dear! I’m sure that Dillingers will be as (or more!) successful as your other ventures.


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