Drinking and Dining in Dillingers 1903

I wanted to hit my head with my phone when we arrived at Dillingers last Friday night and there were no available tables. Wisdom from this situation: call for reservation. But because we were damn hungry (F U Makati traffic) and we wanted to know if the food in Dillingers is as great as the food in Bugsy’s, we settled in sitting and dining at the bar. Yaaaay for Perry, Sean and their other partners  for getting Dillingers packed despite having been operational for just a month!

I felt guilty for finishing 3 Jamaican Patties for merienda that my goal of getting and finishing the gigantic Black Angus Rib-eye had to be rescheduled.

We first had the best Buffalo Wings in town. Wings with thick, juicy meat– no anorexic chicken here!  The hearty sauce was challeging for a spiciness-coward like me, but not lethal. It went well with the blue cheese dip. I would have licked the plate and sauce bowl if I had these delicious wings at home!

The Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad had crisp greens and a trerrific dressing. The grilled chicken was perfect but maybe not the perfect pair for the salad. I’d have this again sans the chicken.


The Spicy Tuna Pasta was creamier than I expected. I actually expected it with red sauce. It’s a welcome surprise that the cream balanced the spiciness of the dish. Kathlene aka Kwe, our Bicolana Halfy really liked it. 

The Chicken Fingers were definitely bigger and better than TGIF’s. I forgot to ask them if they used ostrich instead of chicken. Ang laki eh! Hehehe. Even without the dip, it would still be good because of the batter used. What’s the secret ingredient? Beats me. Maybe fairy dust. Or Mafia blood. LOL.

(Chef)Joanna didn’t share my avoidance of redmeat. Hence, we had Porkchops with Lyonnaise Potatoes. Couldn’t resist, I took a bite of the delicious smelling chops (please don’t tell the diet police)… and it was tender, juicy and flavorful! Loved the potatoes, bless Joanna for giving them to me and supporting my potato-addiction. The chops and taters tasted just like how my Mama makes it– and in my dreams, my Mama is Ina Garten.

The Bacardi Mai Tai was from alcohol heaven. I’d like to thank the gods of intoxication! And just a quick fact about this popular drink: The creation of the Mai Tai happened in Oakland in 1944 by Victor Bergron, better known as Trader Vic. The name of the drink was expressed by the the guests, who were from Tahiti, when they exclaimed “Mai Tai – Roa Ae”, which means “Out of This World – The Best”. I read that here.

(Kwe post-Buffalo Wings/pre-Chicken Fingers)

Overall, Joanna, Kathlene and I enjoyed our dinner in this new Mafia-themed restaurant in Greenbelt. The menu– designed to please everyone, unpretentious with basic yet impressive dishes. The prices– relatively inexpensive for Greenbelt standards. The wait staff– quick and informed. The ambiance– intimate-cozy-fun. I can see it as the next loc for my next business meeting. And where to spend my upcoming 29th 25th birthday. Hopefully, by December, they already have more than Mango Jubilee and Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert.

I invite all of you to dine in Dillingers 1903 and I’m very sure that it will also become your fast favorite.

You can join me next time and we can share the Black Angus Rib-eye Steak and a couple of shots of the Green Fairy

… or the tequila popularized by Entourage, Avion.

Dillingers 19033F Greenbelt 3, Makati
Phone: (02) 3917978
Twitter: Dillingers1903


listening to: Sarah Mclachlan – Bring On the Wonder

No Lazy Sunday

My usual  Sunday consists of 10-18 hours of sleep, tons of junkfood and pirated dvds. Last Sunday was different, though. I have my friends, a new online magazine and a B-horror movie to thank.


Woke up before lunch to meet up with Eunice and Jeman before the  November issue of Orange Mag TV, but didn’t get to join them for lunch because my housemates, Ate Cindy and Kuya Dek asked me eat with them. Hihindi ba ako sa sopas, lemon chicken at buttered baguio beans and carrots? Shempre, hindi!

Got to Greenbelt 3 around 2pm, just in time for the location set up. It sort of sucked that I was in a bar during liquor ban. Tequila stared at me with it’s invisible disappointed glassy eyes. LOL It helped that I was surrounded by fun, creative people– stylists, photographers, make up artists and event coordinators. By 3pm, Marc Abaya arrived and the shoot began.

I was overwhelmed by the number of suits, belts and hats the stylists brought. It’s as if we were making a fashion catalogue instead of a magazine spread. :p

Too bad I still can’t share Joser’s and Eunice’s photos, because Jeman might kill me.

Anyway, trying to shoot from a difficult angle is Assistant Photographer Eunice Vallesteros. You can call me the Assistant of the Assistant Photographer.

Another title of mine that they came up with– Queen of the Props. I’ll let you know soon enough when my life is not anymore being threatened by Mr. Villanueva. Hahaha!

It was a joy to work with the guys, especially with Marc. Professional and down to earth. I hope all celebrities I get to encounter in this new venture is like him.

Look at my hat! Wow, me, wearing a hat! I don’t wear hats! I love shoots! It makes me do the unusual! BWAHAHA!

After the shoot in Dillingers, Jeman, Eunice, Misha and I went to Powerplant to check out the ingress of the Art of Dagim. It’s a week-long exhibit showcasing the creatives of Dagim, one of seven films selected for 2010 CinemaOne originals grant. Check it out! It’s a film by Joaquin Pedro Valdes. Dagim is raincloud in English.

This Sunday: surfing in Bataan or back to the usual? Don’t know yet. Surprise me, universe!


listening to: Ems and Rain talking about Laura Mercier

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